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The Zahhab Region Depths refer to the abyssal, deepest parts of the Twin Crevasses of the Zahhab Region. They are the eleventh map in the game to be unlocked, and are the second deepwater map in the series as a whole. There are no new mechanics introduced on this map, but the inability to breathe normally returns from the North Coast of Canada, though this is remedied by means of some air stations that are dropped into the depths during the story mission. Thankfully, the player will be able to swim here normally as soon as Chapter 5 is completed.

The Depths are divided into two parts, the Northern Crevasse and the Southern Crevasse, and each is home to its own unique array of sea life, including creatures that are oftentimes not found anywhere else in the game. The area is geologically and geographically typical for a deepwater trench (right down to reusing some assets from the first game's Abyss), with a seafloor adorned with volcanic chimneys and sparse caverns carved into the cliff walls. However, the inherent darkness that comes with being so far away from the sun can lend the player a sense of apprehension if they don't know what lurks in the shadows around them.

In the American and European versions of the game, "The Last Rose of Summer" by Celtic Woman loops in the background during the player's first dive on this map. Meanwhile in the Japanese version, "Ave Maria" by Chloë Agnew plays on the first visit instead. Regardless, after the completion of Chapter 5, both tracks are available on Nineball Island's jukebox, provided the player has purchased it from Nancy.

In-Game Description

Dive Description

"A world bereft of sun, these caverns contain their own unique forms of marine life. This includes deepwater sharks, so enter with caution."

Notebook Description

"Diving into the Twin Crevasses in the Zahhab Region will bring you to this mysterious deepwater ecosystem. 

Jean-Eric and Matthias together discovered these crevasses, along with their unique ecology."

Southern Crevasse

The Southern Crevasse is inhabited by splendid alfonsinos, longnose lancetfish, pelican eels, two giant siphonophores and an aggressive bluntnose sixgill shark that will attack the player on sight.

Southern Cavern

At a depth of around 400 feet (122 meters), the player can find this small cave embedded into the wall. vampire squids patrol this cavern, waving the glowing tips of their tentacles to confuse enemies. This cave is the resting place of the Terra Coin. A megamouth shark also patrols this area. This cave is also the easiest spot to find the resident giant siphonophores.

Twin Caves

These caverns next to each other in the wall of the Southern Crevasse are near the ocean floor. A bluntnose sixgill shark guards the entrances to the caves, often surprising players with its stealthy approach from the darkness.

In one of the caves, the player will find a group of giant isopod, large crustaceans resembling pill-bugs, and in the other a group of vampire squid. However, the latter cave will also eventually become home to the Grave Keeper (as the only legendary creature on this map), whom the player must discover with Oceana's help after beating Chapter 5. It also serves as the resting place of Cleo's Treasure.

Chimney Forest

The Chimney Forest is, as its name suggests, a large conglomeration of hydrothermal vents adorning the seafloor. Unlike the vents in the first Endless Ocean game, these vents are not active and do not become active over the course of the game.

Living under zoom-mode glows in this area are several unique and alien-looking creatures, including Venus's flower baskets, galetheid crabs, and deep-sea blind shrimps.

Secret Passage

This long, tubular cave linking the Northern Crevasse and Southern Crevasses is illuminated by popeye grenadiers. The zoom-mode glows in this cave are oftentimes home to humpback anglerfish. Returning here after beating Chapter 5 will cause both of the area's resident megamouth sharks to appear.

Northern Crevasse

The Northern Crevasse is quite different from its counterpart in many aspects. With a seafloor bare of chimneys, this canyon is home to the single giant squid in this game (not counting the oxymoronic smaller giant squid in the Cavern of the Gods), as well as other distinctive forms of life, like the sea pigs that patrol the ocean floor. This Crevasse is also home to an oarfish, a few ocean sunfish (nighttime only), and even a pod of Risso's dolphins that live closer to the seafloor.

Northern Cavern

Though the Northern Crevasse has many differences from its twin, they both are home to a small, dead-end cave. This cavern is located at a depth of around 300 feet (91 meters) and is inhabited by a shoal of popeye grenadiers. A megamouth shark patrols the nearby area, paralleling the one in the Southern Crevasse.

Osiris's Courtyard

Located near the seafloor, a tunnel called the Giant's Lair (named after the giant squid that initially resides there) leads to this somber, shadowy dome.

Matthias Louvier, the son of Jean-Eric Louvier, piloted a submarine named the HD-9. The wreckage of that submarine can be found here in the Courtyard, suggesting that Matthias died attempting to explore the depths in pursuit of the Song of Dragons. Investigating the submarine will grant the player Matthias's last letter to his father, as well as the final piece of the Dragon Flute.

In the zoom-mode glows located around this area, the player can find firefly squids (primarily in the Giant's Lair) and giant sea spiders, as well as the occasional humpback anglerfish. This area is also where the player can find the Microscopium Coin.

Story Significance

Warning.png Spoilers for Endless Ocean 2 ahead!

The first time the player visits the Depths, they're searching for the wreck of the HD-9 - the submarine in which Jean-Eric's son, Matthias, vanished. This is because they're in pursuit of the final piece of the Dragon Flute, which vanished with him. A problem arises with the fact that the player will consume air much faster at deeper depths due to fighting against the increased pressure, so searches would hardly be able to begin before surfacing to refill the oxygen tank would be necessary.

However, GG has a solution, in the form of a large secondary air tank to sumberge before the player dives; it can serve as a refill station when the player gets low on air so that they can replenish their oxygen supply without having to worry about surfacing. After the secondary tank has been situated in the water, the player can begin their search.

The dive begins in the Southern Crevasse, where the air tank ended up submerged. When the player reaches the refill station - which sits on the edge of the Chimney Forest - Jean-Eric reveals a piece of information that will aid the player in their search: as Matthias combed the area, he left behind plaques that detailed the expedition progress and the date on which the plaque was left. These plaques, made of metal, can be tracked using the Multisensor, and are laid in order of date, which means that the player can follow them chronologically up until the day Matthias went missing.

The player tracks these plaques across the Southern Crevasse and through a tunnel that connects it to the Northern Crevasse. When the player reaches the Northern Crevasse, Jean-Eric notifies them that he situated another refill station in the area so that returning to the Southern Crevasse for air wouldn't be necessary.

The player follows the trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs across the Northern Crevasse and to an unexplored tunnel - the Giant's Lair. The plaques look as though they lead right to this cave's entrance, but the player can't get into it due to the fact that the subject of the Lair's nomenclature is in the way: a giant squid.

However, the player doesn't need to wait for the squid to move before they can pass by. Instead, they use the Sea Whistle in order to lure a sperm whale over to the area - the natural predator of the giant squid. It engages the squid in combat, which clears the player's path.

Traversing the Giant's Lair brings the player to Osiris' Courtyard. On the floor of this cavern lies the target of the expedition - the wreck of the HD-9. Upon investigation, the only thing of note to be brought back to the surface is a single waterproof bag in the cockpit - one that, when opened, is found to hold the final piece of the Dragon Flute, and Matthias Louvier's final letter to his father.

Upon this discovery, the quest for the Song of Dragons goes forward with renewed determination.

Warning.png Spoilers for Endless Ocean 2 end here.

Animal Scene Events

  1. Sperm whale vs. giant squid: Viewed as part of the story mission.


  • This map houses the lowest number of legendary creatures in the game, with the only one being the Grave Keeper. In this respect, it is tied with the Iceberg Cavern and Deep Hole, which are only home to Leo and Apollo, respectively.
  • The Zahhab Region Depths are one of only two sub-areas in the game to house a dangerous creature that can be found day and night, with the other being Valka Castle. In the Depths' case, that creature is the bluntnose sixgill shark.
  • This is the only area in the game that allows you to use the night diving light at any time of day. Despite this, it can still be quite hard to see anything.
  • Given the occasional sperm whale presence, the Zahhab Region Depths are the only sub-area in the game where a rideable creature can be encountered.
  • The Zahhab Region Depths are the only sub-map in the game where the player can view any animal scene events. It also has the lowest number of such events, at a total of one.
  • The Zahhab Region Depths are the deepest map in the series at 570 feet, beating out the previous game's Abyss by 20 feet.
  • Humorously, the player is able to dive within these cold, high-pressure waters while wearing only a swimsuit.
  • Out of all the sub-maps that only contain one legendary, the Depths are the only one whose resident legendary does not patrol a major landmark.


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