The Yatabei Blenny (also known as the Isoginpo) is a small yellow fish that appears in both of the Endless Ocean games, though it is notoriously elusive in the first one.

In-Game Description

"This fish has protruding eyes with a long, thin protuberance above each one and a pair of sharp teeth in each jaw; it may be small but it packs a painful bite.

It lives hidden in crevices in rocky or coral reefs."


Endless Ocean

This fish is infamous among players for its elusiveness in the first Endless Ocean game. The only place the player can find them is in the ruins of Mo'ia Atoll, and, reportedly, the best place to look for them is in the room with the hole in the ceiling (the one at coordinates G-7). Players report that the easiest method to find them is by methodically scanning the room, finding a viable zoom-mode patch, and then looking for the creatures within cracks or crevices in the walls, as they are very well camouflaged and zoom-mode spots with them in it are very hard to come by.

Endless Ocean 2

Yatabei Blennies are a little easier to find in the second game than in the first. They are seen in Ciceros Strait, near Cross Rift. Most of the time, they are seen inside the Rift, but sometimes divers may see them under zoom-mode spots on the cliff walls encompassing the Rift itself.


These small creatures make their homes in small cracks and crevices in the rocks and coral. They do not like being poked, and doing so anyway will cause them to make a hasty retreat backwards into their homes. However, feeding them seems to earn their favor.


  • The real Yatabei Blenny lives in the northwestern Pacific, along the coasts of southern Japan and Korea, not in the Mediterranean as seen in the game. Its unknown why this change was made, given the abundance of blenny and goby species present in the Mediterranean.