The Whale Shark is the largest species of fish in the world. It appears in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This is the largest fish in the world, identified by the many white specks scattered across its blue back. Its mouth is especially large and filled with a huge number of small teeth. It feeds exclusively on small fish and plankton in the seawater it inhales. It has no air bladder, but obtains buoyancy by storing oil in its liver.

[How Are They Born?]

It was once thought that the whale shark was oviparous, meaning that it laid eggs. But 300 individual eggshells and embryos were found in the womb of a captured whale shark, and it is now believed that they are ovoviviparous, meaning that eggs are incubated inside the parent.

The captured female was 10m long so it is possible that bigger females may produce even more offspring."


Endless Ocean

There is one individual that lives in the ruins of Marige Atoll, circling the main structure rather close to the surface. However, others can be seen near Comb Reef on certain months, and sometimes they are seen at Coral Forest and Rock Bluff during other months of the year.

Endless Ocean 2

One can be found in NW, SE and Gatama's Navel in Gatama Atoll. A bigger one can be found near Mushroom Rock in the Zahhab Region, Red Sea.


These are solitary creatures which are sometimes accompanied by remoras and other small fish. The individual in the Zahhab Region is also accompanied by Pilotfish and Golden Trevallies.


  • This is one of Jean-Eric's favorite creatures.
  • The individual at Mushroom Rock in the second game is much larger than any of the other Whale Sharks the player had seen thus far. They first see this large individual on a quest for a certain type of seaweed Hayako Sakurai requested them to find, and once it appears, Jean-Eric freaks out a bit and says that the player should take a picture to record the moment.
  • The player actually has to hitch a ride on one of these fish to enter the ruins of the Atoll the first time they access it. This is due to the fact that there is a very strong, abnormal current flowing from the entrance of the ruins that the player cannot swim against on their own, and instead they have to grab onto the passing Whale Shark, which is much stronger and, in fact, can swim against the strange current.



Endless Ocean - Whale Shark Cutscene

Endless Ocean - Whale Shark Cutscene