Weddell Seal
Type of animal: Seal
Species: Leptonychotes weddellii
Length: 2.5 m/8 ft 2 in
What it looks like: A large, furry seal
Location: The Gabbino (EO), Weddell Sea (EO2)
Forms: Adult, young

The Weddell Seal is a large seal that lives in the Antarctic Ocean.

In-Game Description

"This seal can be identified by the scattering of black or white patches across its grey body.

Whiskers sprout from either side of its upturned nose. It uses its teeth to cut ice, creating holes through which to dive and surface. Its teeth gradually wear down but new teeth do not grow in their place, and seals with very short teeth are unable to survive."

Limited Time

The seal calf swims with its mother, learning how to dive. The mother swims slowly and doesn't dive further than the calf can manage. The calf is able to dive by itself when it is about seven weeks old.

Once it can do this it is able to live independently, so this is when parent and child go their separate ways.


Endless Ocean

Weddell seals are found off the coast of the arctic, in various places such as along the edge.

Endless Ocean 2

These appear in the Weddell Sea.


These move or swim around in small, loose groups.


  • They can be found day and night.
  • A small group of these can be seen in the Weddell Sea with Southern Elephant Seals.