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Triple Steps is a large, rocky area in eastern Manoa Lai found in Endless Ocean, named after its unique physical attributes.

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Location Info: Triple Steps

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Today's Location: Triple Steps

*** One Giant Step For Divingkind! ***
Starting as a shallow reef that leads into the Coral Forest, this triple-tiered drop-off spot plunges over 100 feet down--creating a sight that never fails to awe!

*** Migration Occasion! ***
Due to its unusual topography, Triple Steps boasts a wide variety of migratory fish that changes with the seasons... so get down there and see it all!

That's all for now! Remember to stay safe and respect the sea!

Diving Info: Triple Steps

Triple Steps

- A Giant's Staircase
A spectacular triple drop-off starting from a shallow coral reef that stretches from Coral Forest. Its three steps plunge to a depth of almost 30m and its sheer scale is overwhelming.

- A Thoroughfare for Migration
The Triple Steps' physical features mean it teems with shoals of migrating fish both large and small. In the right season, you can catch sight of some truly extraordinary marine life.

Flora, Fauna, and Geography

Local Life

The Steps are home to many species of small fish, including oriental, pyramid, and teardrop butterflyfish, sailfin and yellow tang, emperor angelfish, along with some larger creatures that change depending on the time of day and season, although it does not have any exclusive residents, unlike most landmarks. For instance, during spring nights, a pair of striped marlins inhabit the area instead of the usual green sea turtles that tend to swim the area. In autumn, a large school of bigeye trevallies swim around the Steps, and notably, during winter, a pair of manta rays dance around during the day, and a whale shark can be seen making its way up and down the Steps at night.

Location and Geography

Triple Steps is, rather obviously, named for the three coral-covered tiers of rock that make a staircase-like natural formation. The marker on the map for this location is at coordinates J-3, situated directly west and slightly south of the Coral Forest (continuing further in a straight line in this southwesterly direction leads the player into Rock Bluff). Aside from its distinctive appearance, nothing in particular is of much great interest to the player in this area.


  • The Triple Steps are one of only two landmarks in Endless Ocean to have their own exclusive leitmotifs, the other being the White Room.
    • They are also the only landmark in the series with a non-vocal leitmotif that they don't share with another.


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