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The Gabbiano, floating under the Manoa Lai sun.

The Gabbiano is the player's and Katherine Sunday's trusty motorized sailboat. It acts as their headquarters in Endless Ocean (replaced by Nineball Island in Endless Ocean 2), allowing them to explore almost all of Manoa Lai Sea from the surface.

In-Game Description

"Your small but sturdy vessel. Gabbiano means "seagull" in Italian."

Flora, Fauna, and Geography

Local Life

The Gabbiano is a place for various land-dwelling creatures to stop by and rest, or simply to say hello. These include various species of penguins and other seabirds, seals, walruses, and the occasional marine iguana or polar bear. A sea otter, with its young, may also appear to the side of the ship.

What wildlife the player will encounter depends on which quadrant of the map they park the Gabbiano in. Parking to the northwest will net them seals and sea lions; to the southwest, polar bears, walruses, and elephant seals; to the northeast, penguins; to the southeast, lizards, otters, and pelicans. Other types of seabirds will sporadically land on the ship regardless of where it's stationed.

The Gabbiano is also home to the player character and Katherine Sunday, who helps coordinate the player's dives and teaches them about various activities. The player and Katherine are the boat's only permanent residents.

Location and Geography

The Gabbiano can be sailed around the Manoa Lai Sea and parked anywhere that the player can dive. If the water is too deep or too shallow, or the stretch of water too small, it cannot be parked in the area in question. The background does not change much based on where the ship is parked, but sometimes the Pirate Ship can be viewed from aboard if the player chooses the right coordinates.

The player must stay within a certain radius of the Gabbiano while diving in the main Manoa Lai Sea, known as the "target dive area". The player cannot leave this radius, and attempting to do so will greet them with a warning letting them know that they can't go any farther.


The exterior of the Gabbiano's cabin.

The Cabin

The cabin is where the player will likely spend a good deal of their time on the Gabbiano. It houses the majority of the functions on the ship; here, the player can choose where to steer and park the ship, check the Marine Encyclopedia, read their emails, receive diving-guide and photography requests, change their gear, and save the game using the diving log, as well as developing photos and organizing their photo album.


The footlocker, outside of the cabin.

The footlocker is located under one of the outer windows of the cabin - the cabin door is located on one side of the mizzenmast, the footlocker on the other. By checking the footlocker, the player can view which items they've salvaged, information about those items, and how many items they haven't collected yet.

Other Features

Other features on the Gabbiano include the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gate, the gangplank from which the player can train their dolphin partners, a radio from which the player can play music stored on an SD card (in the form of .mp3 files), a deck chair where the player can relax and look out at the sea, a calendar, and Katherine's Hints, which is a bulletin board on the side of the cabin used to tip players on gameplay mechanics they might not have known about.


  • As Wi-Fi support for the Wii was discontinued in the year 2014, the WFC Gate is no longer a functional aspect of the Gabbiano.
  • The Gabbiano is one of only two functional boats in Endless Ocean, the other being the Pirate Ship. The Pirate Ship, however, appears to be much older than the Gabbiano, and in much worse condition.
  • Unlike the second game's hub world, there is no in-game reasoning behind the Gabbiano's name.