The Sperm Whale is the largest predator alive today, and one of the largest predatory animals in history. It is also the creature with the largest head in comparison to body size, competing with the now extinct Torosaurs.

In-Game Description

"Its square head takes up almost one third of its body length and there are rows of large conical teeth in its lower jaw. The teeth in its upper jaw never erupt. As it eats its prey, usually squid, whole it needs no teeth to feed.

Their teeth may instead be used for fighting between males or bringing food back to calves.

[Maternal Care]

Calves live with their mothers, but they cannot dive as far, so when the mother goes down to find food, the calf stays at the surface. Females and calves live together in pods and females stagger their dives so that calves are not left alone and exposed to danger.

If an orca or other predator targets a calf, the females will close ranks and surround the calf to protect it.

This is sometimes.called the 'marguerite formation' after the flower it resembles."

(The aforementioned marguerite formation is shown as a scene in Endless Ocean 2 while the player is swimming with Hayako Sakurai.)


The legendary battle


Endless Ocean

One can be seen in the Abyss and responds positively to the sea whistle. During the spring and fall, it emerges from the Abyss and patrols the Deep Valley area, occasionally crossing paths with the Humpback Whale.

Endless Ocean 2

One is seen in Zahhab Region, in the Open Sea and and over the Twin Crevasses area at night. If it is your first time over the Crevasses at night, then a short cutscene will occur and show the whale emerging from one of the crevasses. At random, in the depths, the Sperm Whale can be seen battling the Giant Squid, which can be focused on.


It swims slowly, sometimes next to a Giant Squid, its natural prey. Its trivia is obtained by calling it with the Sea Whistle.

Tail Shot Rear - Sperm Whale Kaikoura NZ

A real sperm whale's tail


  • Sperm Whales are nearly totally unchallenged as predators, with the only known predator of adult sperm whales being the Orca, with young being predated upon by sharks and orca. Sperm whales predate primarily on deep-water life, ranging in size from football fish to the mighty giant squid.
  • The name "Sperm Whale" comes from spermaceti, a substance located in the head of the sperm whale that was used in the days of whaling to create products such as soap. It is not known precisely what this substance is used for, but it is believed that it is used as a means of retaining buoyancy at a depth.
  • In Endless Ocean 2, players will first discover it in the Zahhab Region Depths, trying to use it to lure a Giant Squid from the entrance of the cave you're trying to get into. Then, they will be seen battling. This can be focused on.
  • In Endless Ocean, this whale can sometimes be seen in Deep Valley at night, coming out of or going in to the Abyss.
  • During the daytime in Endless Ocean 2, an albino sperm whale can be seen patrolling the Sperm Whale's nighttime run.
  • It can be found day and night in the first game, but only at night in the second game.
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