The Snailfish (Crystallichthys matsushimae) is a small, odd fish that makes its home in deep-sea environments. 

In-Game Description

"This soft, gelatinous pink fish inhabits reefs hundreds of metres down and sticks to rocks using the suction pads located on its left and right ventral fins.


[Blending in by Standing Out] Lots of creatures living at the same depth as the snailfish are some shade of red. By the time light reaches these depths, all colours except blue have been absorbed by the water. The remaining blue light is then absorbed by these red-bodied creatures, making them almost invisible to predators."


In the first game, these are seen in The Abyss, mainly in the Crystal Cave.

In Endless Ocean 2, about 5 of these are seen in the Cavern of the Gods, in the NE corner room (D1).