The Singing Dragon is a legendary species of small, albino baleen whale found only in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

Singing Dragons are a unique species of whale bred thousands of years ago by the Okeanides to guard the Pacifica Treasure, making them a major plot element in Blue World, and are first revealed in the Cavern of the Gods.

In-Game Description

"This is the pure white whale seen in the ruins in the Cavern of the Gods. Although it looks like a small humpback whale, it is in fact an unknown species. It might even be a descendant of the whales that the Okeanides once controlled."

[The Song of Dragons]

"Whale song is composed of repeated, altered complex patterns of sound, so if the Song of Dragons is whale song how can it be the same all over the world? One theory holds that whales have their own 'civilization'.

Orcas in the same pod have similar hunting techniques, and all the humpback whales in a pod use the same scales for singing, so perhaps the Song of Dragons is a song so old it was passed down from ancient times and transmitted to whales everywhere."


The first Singing Dragon was encountered near the Celestial Mausoleum where it confronted the Goblin Sharks and Okeanos's Guardian that threatened the player. After the original encounter three of these whales patrol the Pillars of Light during the day.


They slowly swim around in the Pillars of Light area after they are first encountered, and respond positively to the sound from the Sea Whistle. They were shown to be protective creatures and seem to have a link to the Pacifica Treasure, as they rammed into the walls of the Mausoleum when the mechanism was activated. These whales continued to attack the temple's pillars, forcing the player, Hayako, Oceane and GG to escape.

Singing Dragons are shown to communicate with other whales from afar, as seen when the other larger whales from distant seas came to the Caverns and assisted with attacking the structure.

In Real Life

The Singing Dragon is a fictional species that does not appear in real life. It is unique morphologically and is not based on any one real life species. Hayako speculates in the game that it might be a pygmy Right Whale or an albino juvenile Humpback Whale, however both are eventually confirmed to be incorrect, and it is assumed to be an unknown species.


  • They cannot be focused on while banging their heads against the walls.
  • When going on a tour guide, the Singing Dragons disappear.
  • Their white pigment may have been developed from centuries of living inside an underwater cave with no sun exposure, bearing a similarity to real animals like the axolotl.
  • It is unknown how these whales would go up for air, as the Cavern of the Gods was blocked off for thousands of years. They may be using secret air pockets or underwater caves or perhaps alternate exits to sheltered-off areas in the outside world. This suggests that there is more to the Cavern of the Gods than the diver can see.
  • These are the only large whale species in the game that cannot be ridden on.


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