Shark Tooth Necklace (Footlocker)
The Shark Tooth Necklace is a salvage item in Endless Ocean.

In-Game Description

Depending on which version of the game the player has, this object's description in the Footlocker will say two different things.

European Version

"Made with the teeth of the Great White shark, which is revered as the king of the ocean by natives here."

North American Version

"A necklace made of a shark's tooth. It is roughly 500 years old."


This item can be found in Comb Reef, at coordinates D-5. It is laying under a zoom-mode glow on the sand at the end of one of the inlets in the Reef, at a depth of roughly 12 meters/39 feet.

In-Game Dialogue

Depending on which version of the game the player has, Katherine will say two different things once they find the Necklace.

European Version

"That looks like a pretty rare item you've found. I think it's a shark-tooth necklace. The shark is a revered animal in many South Pacific countries, and it's the same here in Paoul too. Their ferocity and toughness is often admired, especially by soldiers.

The most noted example is the God of Violence and Death who had the form of Magu Tapah, a giant great white. From the size of that tooth, it must have been huge, possibly even something nearing the size of Magu Tapah. Perhaps it'll bring you luck if you wear it?"
Shark Tooth Necklace

North American Version

"Oh, look! That’s a pretty rare find! It’s a shark tooth necklace!

Many cultures in the South Pacific regard sharks as mystical creatures. And the Pelago Commonwealth is no different. Sharks are strong, ferocious animals that seemingly fear nothing. Those qualities were greatly admired by warriors.

Many ancient people assumed their deities took the form of sharks. They were usually considered to be the gods of death and violence. I think that tooth is from a great white shark.

Wow, you found something connected to Magu Tapa, huh? Perhaps you could wear it as a good-luck charm or something."


  • When found, the Shark Tooth Necklace will unlock a particularly rare and dangerous creature that lurks around the Ocean's Graveyard at night.
  • Shark tooth necklaces are popular all over the world nowadays. However, this is not because of a widespread belief system - simply for aesthetic purposes.