The Sea Angel is a tiny sea creature that is related to shellfish, but lacks a shell. It only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World, and lives in cold water.

In-Game Description

"With its translucent body and wing-like legs, it's easy to see how this creature got its name.

It is related to shellfish and has a shell when born, but loses it as it matures.

[Not So Angelic?]

Approaching its prey, it opens its mouth, found between two horn-like projections on its head, and sends six tentacles out to catch its food. These tentacles are what make its transparent head look red.

It lives on small floating shellfish called sea butterflies."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

Sea Angels can be found in cold waters at both of the polar locations in-game, but only under zoom-mode glows. These locations include the North Coast of Canada (at coordinates C-1 SE, B-2 NE, A-2 SE, and B-2 SW), the Weddell Sea (at coordinates C-2 E, B-4 NE, and D-4 SE), and inside of the Iceberg Cavern (at coordinates B-2NE and S, and C-2 SW, primarily inside of the tunnel leading up to the main part of the cavern).


These tiny creatures live under zoom-mode glows, sharing space with each other in groups of several at a time. They swim around slowly, not reacting in any particular manner to any stimuli, but they do seem to like being offered food. The player can unlock their trivia by feeding them.


  • The Sea Angel is one of Oceana's favorite creatures.
  • There is a legendary variant of the Sea Angel known as the Ice Cupid. It is larger than the other Angels, with a bluish tint to its inner body instead of red like the normal Angels.
  • the Sea Butterflies mentioned in this creature's in-game trivia also appear in game, and also are only present under zoom-mode glowing patches.