The Player Character is the main protagonist of Endless Ocean: Blue World. They are a student who joins L&L Diving Service.

Creating Your Character

In the beginning, the game will let you choose a gender and name. Then, once you have started the game, you will be able to choose the skin color of your character and what kind of features your character will have. After you retrieve the scissors from the bottom of the Deep Hole, Nancy will be able to give you haircuts. You will be able to earn different haircuts throughout the game. Not only will you able to change the style of your hair, but also the color of your hair (between blonde, brown and black).


Endless Ocean: Blue World begins with the player, a student, joining L&L Diving Service in search of additional field experience. While initially just exploring the nearby Gatama Atoll, Oceana Louvier soon (and mistakenly) re-sparks her own interest in the Song of Dragons, a legendary mystery that resulted in her father's death, drawing the player in too. Over the course of the game, you travel the world, finding various species of fish and meeting new acquaintances to join L&L Diving Service, as well as discovering legendary creatures.

You can salvage treasures, play guitar, fill maps, explore ancient ruins, look at a tiki totem, fill the world's largest aquarium with all sorts of marine and shore life, find mysterious coins, get in perilous situations, explore the mysteries behind the Song of Dragons, decorate their diving gear, heal sick animals, and more.

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