The Pacific White-Sided Dolphin is a species of dolphin named for the white patches and streaks marking its body.

In-Game Description

"This dolphin has a distinctive sickle-shaped dorsal fin with two suspender-like stripes running along its back. It lives in pods made up of a few to several hundred animals, which jump and travel around together.

[High Speed Swimming Secrets]

Pacific white-sided dolphins can swim at speeds of up to 55km/h, and other dolphins commonly reach 30km/h or more. Scientifically, dolphins should not be able to achieve the speeds they do, and a lot of research has been carried out to explain why. Some of the dolphins' secrets have been learned and used in swimsuits, but the overall mystery has finally been solved. It is known as Gray's Paradox after the zoologist who first described it."


Endless Ocean

A pod can be seen swimming around near Knives Reef at coordinates E-5, inside of the Sloping Hallway.

Endless Ocean 2

A large pod can be seen in the Coliseum area at Deep Hole.


These dolphins swim about in medium-sized, loose groups. They respond positively to being petted and poked, and like the sound of the Sea Whistle.



  • The dolphins swimming with the pygmy sperm whale at night
  • The Pacific White-Sided Dolphin partener

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