diver with a whale shark

In addition to the main characters, there are numerous divers who appear in Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean 2. Often they are customers who provide certain requests.


Guided-Tour Requests

Divers are usually very interested in Ocean life. Many divers will arrive at Nineball Island with requests for guided tours, usually requesting to see a certain species. Guided Tours are managed by Oceana Louvier.

Divers like:

  • Seeing their requested creature. Sometimes the creature is rare and hard to find.
  • Not getting lost
  • Seeing different fish.
  • Witnessing special occurrences, such as glowing effects in bioluminescent animals.
  • Seeing interactions with the animals, such as feeding fish and calling dolphins with the Sea Whistle.

Divers Dislike:

  • Not seeing the requested creature.
  • Getting lost. Swimming too fast or turning sharply at a wall might get the diver lost.
  • Not seeing many fish.

In the background while the divers gives a summary of the dive, Oceana may:

  • Shake her head sadly. You'll probably get a little more money than the default award.
  • Nod happily. You'll get around twice the amount of money.
  • Jump up and down and clap. You'll get a little more than three times the money.

Photo Requests

Magazine Article Writers will want pictures of different creatures or landmarks. Creatures should be focused on and zoomed in on. The whole landmark should be shown in a picture. Creatures at the aquarium will not work. Photo requests are managed by Jean-Eric.

Salvage Requests

The diver will give you a map of where the item they want you to salvage is. The map is very zoomed in. You'll have to calculate where the treasure is. During the dive to salvage the item, the map will have a button with a treasure box on it. Clicking on the button will show the zoomed in map again. The salvage request item will show as a pink glow rather than the normal yellow one. If you can get the item by the deadline, you'll receive a little more than the default award. Salvage Requests are managed by GG.

Dolphin Show Requests

Once the player has trained at least one dolphin partner, they can put on a show. Divers will arrive to watch animal partners perform tricks. Show requests are managed by Hayako Sakurai.

After accepting the request, a diver will come and tell you their favorite trick. You'll get to perform the dolphin show with any partner of your choice.

Divers like:

  • Dolphins on level 2 and 3
  • Combos. They might say things like "What a sick combo!" after the combo.
  • A variety of tricks.
  • Records. They'll say things like "That was even better than last time!"
  • Their favorite tricks shown a little more often. They'll say "I love that trick!"
  • A fast moving show.
  • Their final request performed right.

Divers dislike:

  • Dolphins on level 1.
  • No combos.
  • One trick shown frequently. They'll say things like "Um, okay. (Can't it do anything else?)" after the trick.
  • Their favorite trick shown rarely..
  • Taking a long time to perform a combo. They'll might say "So what else can it do? (Can't he/she move things faster?)"
  • Their final request not done correctly.

Hayako also gives tests to your dolphins to level them up. See also: Dolphin Partners


  • Most of them appear to be very uneducated, as their dialogue is often simplistic and they give clueless overreactions to seeing mundane things.