The Okeanos's Guardian is an enormous, dangerous Goblin Shark that often travels with smaller Goblin Sharks as minions. It is a special breed of Goblin Shark that was bred by the Okeanos civilization, meant to guard the Cavern of the Gods. It can only be found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

The large goblin shark you encountered in the Cavern of the Gods, which rules over others of its ferocious kind living in these historic ruins. It is said to resemble Ammit, a creature from Egyptian mythology.

These sharks may have been bred by the ancient Okeanides, with this specimen a descendant of those selectively-bred creatures.

[Guardian of the Underworld]

"Ammit is a monster from ancient Egyptian mythology with the head of a crocodile and the body of a lion. It was chained at the side of Anubis, the god who judged the dead in the underworld.

Souls which failed his test were given to Ammit, who personified divine retribution.



He swims around, targeting the player to attack them whenever possible. This is a similarity that the Guardian shares with Thanatos.


Endless Ocean 2

After the main story is completed, it will patrol the Cavern of the Gods at night in the Pillars of Shadow, and will attack the player if he/she comes near.

How to Find It

Only one individual is featured in the main story. After the main characters find the Celestial Mausoleum in the Cavern of the Gods, it enters the room along with two smaller sharks and attacks the main characters, only to be shooed away by the Singing Dragons. After the Cavern of the Gods is reopened, it can be seen swimming around at night with two other Goblin Sharks of a normal size and shape. Usually, there is not enough time to safely focus on the Guardian and obtain the info and title during the main story, so coming back after the Cavern is re-opened is usually the best way to obtain the info and title. The individual from the main story can be focused on after using the Pulsar on it.

Its trivia is obtained by photographing it.


  • He is only found at night.
  • He shakes off the effects of the Pulsar very quickly.
  • He is a specimen of a special species of Goblin shark that was bred thousands of years ago by the Okeanides to guard their temples. It is unknown if he is the sole survivor of the species or if there is a stable breeding population hiding even deeper inside the temple. Alternatively, the Okeanides may have just bred a special recessive gene into the population of Goblin Sharks in the temple that would sometimes manifest itself in an individual of the species by causing it to mutate and grow into a massive size and grotesque shape.
  • They seem to have been bred (or trained) to instinctively know how to operate the mechanism in the secret chamber, as the individual from the story is seen flipping the switch with his tail to block the characters' escape. They also appear to have been bred to instinctively fear the Singing Dragons
  • After the player reopens the Cavern of the Gods, and goes towards the Pillars of Shadow by cutting through the Pillars of Light and the Celestial Mausoleum, they will be able to encounter the Guardian from above. What is interesting about this is that they can silently hover above him without attracting his attention or setting off the danger alarm.
  • The Guardian's eyes appear to be just empty sockets, but just so happen to have a small emerald green pupil. This pupil is much easier to see when the player examines the Guardian in the Marine Encyclopedia rather than examining the creature in the wild.


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