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Oceana Louvier (also known as Océane Rouvier) is a main character in Endless Ocean 2. She is the daughter of Matthias Louvier, granddaughter of Jean-Eric Louvier, and plays a big part in running L&L Diving Service.


Notebook Description

"Jean-Eric's granddaughter, who works as a dive guide with L&L Diving Service. She grew up in the Pelago Commonwealth with the South Pacific as her personal playground, so Oceana is a first-rate diver. Usually bright and cheerful, she also has a slightly solitary and obstinate side, perhaps because she lost both parents when she was just a young girl. She also loves the Internet and kittens."

Official Website

"Headstrong young Oceana is L&L Diving Service’s most experienced, and only diver. She is determined to find the Pacifica Treasure, which her father Matthias died searching for. You may get in a pickle or two following her on diving expeditions, but she’ll teach you plenty along the way."




Oceana is a relatively friendly individual, who is always willing to help her friends. She is usually fairly bright and excitable, but does have a more emotional side when it comes to the things she is most passionate about. Her favorite creatures are generally those that others might consider strange or weird, such as sea slugs and giant isopods.

Throughout the game, Oceana is shown to be rather ambitious, stubborn and cocky, always quick to talk back to other characters such as GG or Finley and accept any challenge offered by them. Her arrogance can also lead to reckless tendencies, such as exploring a tiger shark hunting ground without protection. In spite of this, she is still a smart, practical thinker, as she worked out the origin of the Song of Dragons before even Hayako Sakurai did. She is shown to have a deep anger for the impact that the human race has upon nature and wildlife, and wishes she could do something to help.


Out of the characters in the game, Oceana has some of the strongest relationships with the members of the L&L Diving Service. She is very close to Jean-Eric, largely because he is the only family she has. However she does sometimes get annoyed at her grandfather's overprotectiveness. She also develops a strong relationship with the player character, who becomes a sort of role model to her; if the chosen gender is male, Jean-Eric even hints that she may hold feelings for the player character at one point.


When diving with Oceana, she makes all zoom-mode spots within a certain radius around the player visible, even without hovering over them with the cursor.

Also, when diving with her in any map except the Private Reef, she is able to give tours of that map, but only after its story segment has been completed (depending on the size and amount of notable features in a map, she may give segmented tours of the map, such as for Ciceros Strait, which is separated into Northern, Central, and Southern tours). This can be done by talking to her while underwater. She will name landmarks and give information about each one.


  • There were multiple slight differences made to Oceana's character between the standard English and North American English translations of the game. Here are some of the standard English counterparts of those differences:
    • Oceana's name is instead Océane Rouvier, which better suits her family's French lineage.
    • Jean-Eric introduces Oceana as being "about to turn 15" before the player's tutorial dive in Gatama Atoll, while her age is never even mentioned in the North American English translation. Some fans have therefore speculated about Oceana's age being a poor translation decision. However, the same introductory dialogue in the Japanese version of the game also introduces Oceana as being about to turn 15, which objectively disproves that theory.
  • Oceana is the only character in either game that is seen to have a dive knife, having one strapped to her lower leg on her right side.