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The Notebook is a key item in Endless Ocean 2. It is a small, black, leather-bound book that records and compiles many different pieces of information from throughout the game, such as events of the plot, detailed information about locations, and information (as well as clues) relating to quests.

The Notebook records information under seven different categories, titled Story, Quests, Special Requests, Treasure Rumors, Character Profiles, Area Information, and Diving Skills. Each section is useful for different purposes and can be found below.


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The Story section of the notebook details and summarizes the journey of L&L Diving Service as you progress through the game. It lists six "chapters" of the game, each with a brief summary of events that transpire over the player's journey.

1: The Song of Dragons

There is a legend about the Song of Dragons that originated in the Pacific Rim.

Intrigued by the story, you took a leave of absence from college to visit the Pelago Commonwealth in the South Pacific. By chance, you ended up working for L&L Diving Service, run by the former world-renowned marine adventurer Jean-Eric Louvier.

On your first day, you went diving with Oceana, Jean-Eric's granddaughter and the company's only employee. She dropped her pendant during the dive, and it made a strange sound... which inexplicably caused a humpback whale to turn violent. The pendant had belonged to Oceana's deceased father, Matthias.

This prompted Oceana to set off alone to recover another pendant that had been lost at sea around Deep Hole. Jean-Eric entrusted you with the Pulsar, which you used to drive away a shark that had trapped Oceana. You found the lost pendant and discovered that the two fit together to reveal a mysterious verse.

2: Phantoms of the Castle

The mysterious verse engraved on the pendant left by Oceana's father pointed to Valka Castle. These ruins lay on the seafloor in Ciceros Strait in the Aegean Sea, an area where the legend of the Song of Dragons was still passed down.

Determined to solve this mystery, you went to Ciceros Strait with the Louviers, where you were challenged by a salvager named GG and hindered by a ferocious man-eating shark known as Thanatos. Following the clues you found, you made your way to Valka Castle.

Many rare items sank with the castle, and one of them, a map of the circular earth, left a strong impression on you and Oceana.

Just as you found the map, a loud noise came from beyond the castle--the Song of Dragons?

You managed to escape the King's Chamber after a trap sealed you in, then discovered a secret room and returned to the surface with an ancient lapis lazuli slate called the Okeanos Tablet.

3: Pole to Pole

You went to an aquarium in Japan looking for a prodigious scientist said to be the only one capable of deciphering the Okeanos Tablet. She turned out to be a gifted young woman named Hayako Sakurai. After you did some work in the Arctic for her, she deciphered the slate:

The treasure of Pacifica sleeps behind the bronze door in the abyss. The fissure filled by the circular ocean shows the way to the queen's tomb. Offer your flute to the sun of morning, noon and night and the dragon's song will open the gates to treasure.

Jean-Eric was disturbed by hearing about the Pacifica Treasure that had led Matthias to his death. In the end, Oceana and Hayako convinced him to investigate it. Following reports of sailors hearing the Song of Dragons, you headed for the Antarctic. But just as before, the Song of Dragons was followed by danger, and you barely escaped with your lives. Convinced that the Song of Dragons really did bring bad luck, Jean-Eric refused to pursue the mystery of the song or the treasure any further.

4: The Second Slate

Jean-Eric had become estranged from his son Matthias because he continued to search for a treasure that Jean-Eric didn't believe existed. Jean-Eric was tormented by guilt, but Oceana convinced him that her father wouldn't have wanted him to feel this way.

The following day, GG came to Nineball Island and admitted that he was also looking for the Pacifica Treasure. At his request, the group left for South America, believing there was some information about the Song of Dragons and the treasure in the Cortica River.

Together with GG, you went up the dangerous Cortica River and discovered ancient Okeanos ruins that held a second tablet. The contents were astonishing, saying that the Okeanides controlled dragons using a Dragon Flute, which was both a map and a key to the hidden Pacifica Treasure.

The Dragon Flute was made up of three parts... If the pendants Matthias left Oceana were two of those parts, where was the last piece? It seemed that Jean-Eric was hiding something...

5: The Mystery in the Abyss

According to Jean-Eric, he and Matthias found the three parts of the Dragon Flute by chance 15 years ago while exploring the Zahhab Region of the Red Sea. Matthias pushed on to the Zahhab Region Depths in the submarine HD-9 to look for the treasure, but something went wrong. When rescuers arrived, the submarine was empty and only two parts of the flute were found.

Matthias's submarine sank in the Zahhab Region Depths... could the third piece of the Dragon Flute be inside?

You defied the dangerous working conditions in the deep to explore the sunken HD-9 and found a waterproof sack containing the last piece of the flute.

The waterproof sack also contained Matthias's last letter to his father. In it, he said that he still loved his father, and these words melted the ice in Jean-Eric's heart.

6: Forever Blue

The three pieces were combined, and the Dragon Flute was finally complete. However, the map it held wasn't a normal one...

You realized that it could be projected onto the map of the circular earth to establish the location of the Pacifica Treasure.

Upon following the map to the marked location, you found some colossal submerged ruins. After joining forces with Oceana, Hayako and GG to search the ruins, you found the Pacifica Treasure left behind by the Okeanides deep inside--a gigantic golden statue of a goddess.

As soon as you laid eyes on it, the reverberations of the Dragon Flute caused the ruins to collapse and your group quickly escaped, leaving the treasure to rest once more at the bottom of the ocean.


Quests are useful missions that the player can embark on as a break from the main storyline or for additional items and loot. They usually take quite a bit of time and effort to complete, with multiple parts to each quest. There are eight quests in total, each of which has its own rewards along the way.

Be the Best Trainer!

Main article: Be the Best Trainer

The Be the Best Trainer! quest revolves around the player's dolphin partners and a man named Finley, who visits the player after performing a few dolphin shows. This quest is the only method of obtaining nine of eleven dolphin partners in the game, and while not necessary, and while dolphins do not differ in skill or speed, it is a fun sidequest for training dolphins, putting on shows and gaining titles and items.

Fragments of Memory

Main article: Fragments of Memory

The Fragments of Memory quest follows the story of ML, a diver who suffers an accident and, consequentially, memory loss. The player must take photos of various creatures in order to help him regain his memory, with one of the final photos being of Oceana.

Find the Blue Bird!

Main article: Find the Blue Bird

The Find the Blue Bird! quest revolves around a titular blue bird who the player finds on the pier of Nineball Island. The bird will speak to the player and fly away towards an island Gatama Atoll, beginning a long goose chase as the player chases the bird to various locations across the world, finding a new item or piece of equipment at each of its landing spots. The quest ends with the bird returning to the player's pier, where it can be occasionally seen afterward. This quest is a good way to gain many items and much gear.

Pride of the Salvage King

Main article: Pride of the Salvage King

The Pride of the Salvage King quest follows the treasure requests of FF, an old acquaintance slash rival of GG who requests various treasures from different locations around the world, as well as the occasional request from Jean-Eric or other clients.

Help Me!

Main article: Help Me

The Help Me! is a short but climactic quest that revolves around sick and injured animals from across the world that the player must heal using their Pulsar, as well as promoting themes of animal preservation and animal awareness, culminating in a showdown where the player must pulse an entire pod of whales to prevent them from slamming into the beaches of the Zahhab Region and beaching themselves.

Young Entrepreneur

Main article: Young Entrepreneur

The Young Entrepreneur quest revolves largely around Oceana and the player, as well as L&L Diving Service as a whole. As the player fills up and completes maps throughout their playthrough, they can give them to Oceana for rewards, as well as boosting the company's reputation and wealth; this quest also leads to the discovery of the Sea Serpent.

Voice of the Night Sky

Main article: Voice of the Night Sky

Perhaps the largest and most important of all quests, the Voice of the Night Sky quest revolves around the mysterious coins that the player can find strewn across every map in the game (except the North Coast of Canada). As the player collects more coins and completes more sub-quests labeled "Stars" in reference to constellations and Greek mythology, a titular mysterious voice communicates with them over the radio, giving them hints, clues and vague messages that aide in the quest and also guide the player throughout.

Save the Aquarium

Main article: Save the Aquarium

The Save the Aquarium quest centers largely around Hayako and the Aquarium, as the player aides her and Ken Kaimoto in boosting the success and popularity of the aquarium so that it does not lose funding. The player does this through modifying the aquarium's many exhibits on a regular basis, based on what visitors want to see the most.

Special Requests

Special Requests are similar to quests but much shorter in duration, being individual missions with less of a long, extended storyline. Many of them follow key items that the player may interact with and find throughout the game, such as the Servant's Ring, and some of the special requests lead to the discovery of certain legendaries.

White Dolphin of Ciceros

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

According to Finley, there's a white dolphin in east Ciceros Strait.

You found a white bottlenose dolphin under attack from a tiger shark near Cross Rift.

You rescued and befriended the white dolphin!

Narwhal at the North Pole

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

According to Finley, there are narwhals in the northeast Arctic Ocean.

You found some narwhals around the breathing hole in the northeast. Jean Eric advised you to dive with Oceana.

You befriended the red-tusked narwhal!

Beluga at the North Pole

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

According to Finley, there is a beluga in the southwest Arctic Ocean.

You found the beluga near the breathing hole in the southwest, and Jean-Eric asked you to focus on it and get more information.

You used the sea whistle to befriend the beluga!

Whale at the Castle

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

According to Finley, there’s a false killer whale in Valka Castle.

It gets spooked and swims off as soon as you approach. Search everywhere inside the castle until you find him.

You befriended the false killer whale after healing it’s wounds!

Dolphin in Deep Hole

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

A dolphin with a uniquely colored dorsal fin has been seen in Deep Hole. If you get the chance, try to find out more about it.

It’s a Pacific white-sided dolphin, and it’s very shy. Try coming back a few more times on different days.

The dolphin slowly warmed up to you and became your friend!

Freshwater Dolphin

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

There have been sightings of a rare dolphin in the Cortica River Upstream area. You should investigate it when you can.

You found an Amazon River Dolphin. Legend has it they like to swim with women. The red-tusked narwhal is said to have once been a woman... What would happen if the narwhal and the river dolphin met?

You were finally able to befriend the Amazon river dolphin!

Dolphin in the Deep

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

A large dolphin has been spotted in the depths of the Zahhab Region. Try to find it if you’re in the area.

You found a hungry Risso’s Dolphin in the Northern Crevasse. He’s pretty plump and seems to want something tasty to eat. Maybe you can buy something from Nancy and try giving it to him?

You befriended the Risso’s dolphin after giving it lots of treats!

Orca in the Open Sea

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

Reports have come in of a small whale in the southeastern Zahhab Region. Can you find it?

You found an orca in the open sea to the southwest. Hayako says this orca loves floating objects.

You befriended the orca by giving it a float toy!

Dolphin in the Stone Caves

This special request is part of the Be the Best Trainer quest.

It’s been confirmed that a group of small dolphins is living in the Cavern of the Gods. It’s worth a look the next time you’re there.

You met a Commerson’s dolphin near the golden statue. You got the feeling it wants something to use as an offering... Maybe an item from Nancy will do?

The offerings worked, and the dolphin is now your friend!

Ghost of Valka Castle

This special request results in the discovery of Phantom, and requires the completion of the Valka Castle map to unlock.

You've heard a strange rumor about Valka Castle. Didn't Oceana say something about visiting Valka Castle at night?

A ghost roams Valka Castle at night, or so the story goes. Oceana has heard that it's the old prince wandering around, but could that be true?

It turned out to be a huge black manta. So much for a "ghost"!

Strange Animal in Antarctica

This special request can be unlocked as you progress through the main storyline.

The big job is done, but Oceana seems preoccupied...

Oceana read an article entitled "Antarctic Discovery! Mysterious Creature!" and said she was going to go and see it for herself, but Jean-Eric stopped her. Then Hayako said she wanted to go too, so you're off to Antarctica, map coordinates B-4.

The strange animal turned out to be a leopard seal. It looks like Hayako knew all along...


This special request has no special requirements; Nancy may sell the guitar at a random time.

Nancy has a classic guitar for sale! You should buy it when you have the money.

It turns out that the guitar you bought once belonged to the father of a girl named Marzia. Can you find her father's ship, the Pride of Athens, in Ciceros Strait?

You bested Thanatos and retrieved the items that Marzia's father left behind.

Healing Sea

This special request requires discovering Mushroom Rock to unlock.

A large shadow was seen at Mushroom Rock in the northern Zahhab Region. It might be worth investigating.

Hayako has asked you to go to the Zahhab Region and collect the seaweed that grows there. It's an area rich in nutrients with lots of plankton, so migrating whale sharks might be feeding there.

You got the seaweed! Hayako is really pleased with the results it's given in her tests.

When the Stillness is Broken

This special request requires discovering Blue Cliff to unlock.

There's a cave blocked off by a rock in southwest Gatama Atoll. Is there some way to move the rock?

Looks like you can't move the rock with human strength alone. Can you perhaps team up with a marine animal to move it?

With the help of a dolphin partner, you pushed the rock aside!

Mysterious Object

This special request results in the discovery of the Pelago Crocodile, and requires the telescope (purchasable from Nancy) to unlock.

There's a rumor that if you look out to sea early in the morning on the night of a full moon, you can see something mysterious floating around. Maybe you can see it with a telescope?

You saw a strange object floating to the southeast of Gatama Atoll.

The strange object turned out to be a Pelago crocodile! But they're supposed to be extinct...

Floating Island

This special request results in the discovery of Cacao Maharaja, and requires Snorkel to unlock.

You saw something that looked like a small island at sea level near Cake Rock in Gatama Atoll. Try visiting it.

The thing that looks like a small island went toward Gatama's Navel. You might find out what it is if you go there.

The little island turned out to be Cacao Maharaja. People say it brings good luck!

Finding Nancy's Scissors

This special request results in Nancy being able to give the player haircuts, and requires speaking to her once Deep Hole has been discovered to unlock.

Nancy needs your help with something. Be sure to talk to her and find out what it is.

She wants you to find the scissors she dropped into Deep Hole. Bring them back to her once you find them!

When you returned the scissors to Nancy, she told you that she has a side job as a hairdresser. Maybe she'll give you a trim?

Sealed Away

This special request results in the release of a Pygmy Sperm Whale trapped in Deep Hole, and requires the completion of the Deep Hole map to unlock.

A chamber in the Deep Dome down in Deep Hole is sealed by a huge rock. If only you could move it aside...

It looks like you can't move the rock with human strength alone. If you could team up with a sea creature, might that be enough?

You moved the rock aside and released a pygmy sperm whale that was trapped inside!

The Closed Path

This special request results in the discovery of Mama Cortica, and can be unlocked as you progress through the main storyline.

There's a route blocked by a fallen tree somewhere in the Cortica River Midstream. Is there some way to move the tree?

Looks like you can't move the tree using human strength alone. Can you team up with a river creature?

Gold Eater

This special request results in the discovery of the Golden Catfish, and requires the Servant's Ring, found in Valka Castle, to unlock.

You showed the Servant's Ring to GG, who said it was from South America. People once panned for gold in the Cortica River basin, so perhaps the ring is from there?

You gave the Servant's Ring to a piraiba catfish...

The piraiba catfish you gave the ring to was the Golden Catfish!

King Gigide

This special request results in the discovery of King Gigide, and requires the Caiman Relic, found in the Zahhab Region, to unlock.

You showed the caiman fragment to Hayako, who said it had some connection to the ruins in the Cortica River Upstream. You might find out more if you investigate the ruins.

You went to the ruins and met King Gigide himself! Did he appear in response to the caiman relic?

The Grave Keeper

This special request results in the discovery of the Grave Keeper, and can be unlocked as you progress through the main storyline.

One of Oceana's favorite creatures is found in the Twin Caves, Zahhab Region Depths. Why not go there with her?

You heard something from the cave on the left. Take Oceana with you and check it out.

When you used some food as bait, the Grave Keeper appeared! Oceana was really excited.

The Mysterious Voice

Main article: The Mysterious Voice

This special request results in the acquisition of the Mirage swimsuit, and can be unlocked by purchasing the Totem Pole from Nancy.

There's something about that totem pole that bothers you. Take a closer look at it.

You heard a mysterious voice. "I want...ice...northern land...two long tusks..." What could it mean?

You heard the strange voice again. "On the sandy beach...soon...my thanks..." Are you getting a reward?

Ancient Mother

This special request results in the discovery of the Ancient Mother, and requires the Whale Ornament, found on Nineball Island following the completion of the North Coast of Canada map, to unlock.

On the beach, you picked up an ornament shaped like the Ancient Mother. Jean-Eric says it means the Ancient Mother is migrating to the North Pole or the South Pole. If you search, you might find her.

You met the legendary Ancient Mother in the Arctic Ocean! You've never seen a whale with such huge, kind eyes.

Treasure Rumors

Treasure Rumors are short requests that lead to the discovery of unique, one-time salvages such as the Trident Ring or Holy Treasure. They are usually unlocked following various points in the main storyline or other quests.

Legend of Pelago

See also: Moon Treasure, Blue Cliff

This treasure rumor is unlocked after Nancy deciphers the Triton Bracelet.

It's said that an ancient tribe hid their treasure in a secret cave somewhere in Gatama Atoll.

You found the Moon Treasure in Gatama Atoll!

Salinity-Testing Results

See also: Hand Mill, Doughnut Reef

This treasure rumor is unlocked after GG joins your team, and is triggered by the Pride of the Salvage King quest.

There are reports of abnormal salinity levels around a group of microatolls somewhere in the Gatama Atoll region.

You found the Hand Mill in Gatama Atoll!

Legend of Dolphin Island

See also: Holy Treasure, Dolphin Island

This treasure rumor is unlocked after Nancy deciphers the Triton Bracelet.

It seems salvagers from all over the region have converged on Dolphin Island to search for the treasure resting there.

You found the Holy Treasure in Gatama Atoll!

Freight-Salvaging Rumor

See also: British Treasure

This treasure rumor is unlocked after completing the Deep Hole map.

There are many stories of freight from a ship that sank long ago being found around the middle level of Deep Hole.

You found the British Treasure in Deep Hole!

Fishermen's Talk

See also: Trident Ring

This treasure rumor is unlocked after Nancy deciphers the Triton Bracelet.

The local fishermen say a moray eel with a ring in its mouth lurks at the bottom of Deep Hole.

You found the Trident Ring in Deep Hole!

Spartan-Treasure Rumor

See also: Spartan Treasure

This treasure rumor is unlocked after the end of the main plot, and is part of the Pride of the Salvage King quest.

Legend tells of a treasure sealed away by the Spartans in a cave surrounded by powerful whirlpools.

You and GG found the Spartan Treasure in Ciceros Strait!

Salvage Rush

See also: Crusader Loot

This treasure rumor is unlocked after completing the Ciceros Strait map.

Local salvagers have been searching intensively around the central area of Ciceros Strait.

You found the Crusader Loot in Ciceros Strait!

Legend of Triton Village

See also: Canopic Vessel

This treasure rumor is unlocked after completing Endless Ocean 2.

Archaeological study suggests there was a legend in Triton Village that held that "a golden soul rests north of the full moon".

You found the Canopic Vessel in Ciceros Strait!

Treasure-Vault Rumor

See also: Imperial Treasure

This treasure rumor is unlocked after completing Endless Ocean 2.

Salvagers from all over the world are searching for the treasury of Valka Castle.

You found the Imperial Treasure in Valka Castle!

Library Rumor

See also: The 7th Tome

This treasure rumor is unlocked after GG joins your team, and is triggered by the Pride of the Salvage King quest.

Valka Castle's library is said to hold many rare and ancient books that are lost to the surface world.

You found the 7th Tome in Valka Castle!

Valka Castle Rumor

See also: Rural Scene

This treasure rumor is unlocked after completing Endless Ocean 2.

There are rumored to be priceless works of art among the treasures hidden in Valka Castle.

You found the Rural Scene painting in Valka Castle!

Riddle of the Prince

See also: Locked Box

This treasure rumor is unlocked after completing the Valka Castle map.

The prince of Valka Castle is rumored to have had a strange habit of hiding valuable items in high places for safekeeping.

You found the Locked Box in Valka Castle!