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The North Coast of Canada, located in the Arctic Ocean, is the third main diving location in Endless Ocean 2 (though it is the fourth overall region visited in the game, and the fifth map overall), and the first cold-water region that the player will unlock.

Though the player already knows most of the game's mechanics by the time they get here, it isn't until this map when the concept of diving with a dolphin partner is explained in detail. This is especially important due to the frigid waters, which cause the player's air to drain more quickly than usual and even stops them from turning back at points. This marks the first instance in the series where the player is forced to explore an area without the proper equipment. Such an obstacle is thankfully conquered upon the completion of Chapter 3, however.

Because the player is unable to reach the ocean floor in this region (making it one of only two maps in the game with this distinction), it is the only area in the game to not possess any salvage items or constellation coins. In addition, it is the only map in the game to not contain any sub-areas. Animals that can be found here include Greenland sharks, narwhals, and polar bears.

In-Game Description

Travel Description

"This area off the east coast of Ward Hunt Island is frozen year round. Polar bears and seals make their homes on the vast fields of drift ice, while a wide variety of marine life form an ecosystem beneath."

Dive Description

"Many large marine animals live on top of the drift ice. Rare species such as sea angels can be seen in this region, but beware of Greenland sharks."

Area Information

"The ice floes have pushed together to form a solid ice sheet here, but there is still an ocean below. You can see polar bears and seals here all year round, but human visitors are a rarity. The Canadian government has banned hunting here, but the danger of thin ice does just as good a job of keeping hunters away. Thanks to the protected status of this area, you can see belugas, narwhals, and whales here."


Drift Ice

The Drift Ice is the one and only diving location in the North Coast. Common Canadian fish inhabit the starting area, such as Atlantic bluefin tuna and Chinook salmon. bearded seals can be seen in the water by day, but are replaced by Steller sea lions at night.

Ice Mosaic

The Ice Mosaic is an area of loose and thin ice, letting in sunlight through its cracks. The common fish dwell this area as they do at Drift Ice, but this area gets visits from blue whales on migration paths, and even the great Ancient Mother once she is discovered, although she swims around most of the map. One of the resident greenland sharks (the same one who confronts your party during the story mission) also patrols the area.

Ice Holes

Southern Hole: This hole in the ice lies directly south of the Ice Mosaic. It is populated by harp seals by day, who are replaced by spotted seals by night. Going ashore at night greets the player with the harp seals and their pups. Bearded seals with their pups are seen ashore by day.

Southwest Hole: This hole is in the very southwest of the North Coast of Canada. It is frequented by a pod of roughly five or six belugas. The flower-patterned beluga partner is also found here.

Northern Hole: This hole is the farthest north of all the holes. One of the Greenland sharks in the area swims nearby, so caution is advised. Going ashore leads to a group of walruses, and one of their tusks can be found embedded in the surrounding ice during The Mysterious Voice side-quest.

Northwest Hole: This hole is slightly southeast of the Northern Hole. It is a little ways north from the Ice Mosaic. It is frequented by razorbills by day, who leave at night. If the player goes ashore here, they will find polar bears and their cubs, as well as the blue bird during the "Find the Blue Bird" sidequest. Under a zoom spot here, one can find the Ice Cupid.

Eastern Hole: This hole is to the east of the Ice Mosaic. A pod of narwhals makes their home around this ice hole, and a pair of Greenland Sharks patrols the area, so caution is advised. The red-tusked narwhal partner is also initially found here, as is a broken narwhal tusk during The Mysterious Voice side-quest. Going ashore lets the player see a small group of sea otters, who are curiously only visible from above the surface.

Southeast Hole: This ice hole is the one nearest to where the player first enters the water. It is frequented by ribbon seals swimming around it, and the zoom-mode spots in this area are home to sea angels and Atlantic spiny lumpsuckers.

Animal Scene Events

  1. Narwhal: Unlocked by approaching the pod of narwhals during the appropriate portion of the "Be the Best Trainer" quest.
  2. Beluga: Unlocked by approaching the pod of belugas during the appropriate portion of the "Be the Best Trainer" quest.
  3. Majestic, icy seas: Plays when you first approach one of the resident blue whales.
  4. Polar bears and their young: Viewed by visiting the polar bear with Hayako twice after the completion of Chapter 3.
  5. A polar bear hunting: Viewed as part of the main plot, during the player's first visit to the Northwest hole.


  • The North Coast of Canada is one of only two maps in the game to house more than one species of befriendable cetacean, the other one being the Weddell Sea. However, the former is unique in that both of the resident befriendable cetaceans are befriended on the map; compared to the latter, where neither of its resident cetaceans are befriended on the map.
  • Whenever the player dives in this region, the creatures they can see on the loading screens include Atlantic bluefin tunablue whalesGreenland sharks, and capelin.
  • The North Coast of Canada has the fewest number of dive spots and landmarks in the game, at a total of one each.
  • The North Coast of Canada is the first main locale in the game that only needs to be visited once during the story campaign, a trend that continues until the player reaches the Zahhab Region.
    • In fact, it can be argued that the North Coast of Canada is the least plot-relevant area in the game, as the map contains nothing that contributes to the quest for the Song of Dragons.
  • The North Coast of Canada is tied with the Weddell Sea for having the largest number of spots where the player can go ashore, at a total of six.
    • The two are also tied for having the largest number of animal scene events, at a total of five.
  • The North Coast of Canada is the only map that is not featured in the "Help Me!" sidequest.
  • Humorously, the player is able to dive on this map without proper equipment; namely, they can swim in the frigid Arctic waters in a mere swimsuit.


North Coast of Canada Locations

Dive Spots:
Drift Ice
Major Landmarks:
Ice Mosaic