The North Atlantic Right Whale is a species of baleen whale that can be found in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"Its lower jaw is curved in an arc, and it has a beautifully smooth back with no dorsal hasprotrusions on its head, and the particularly large ones on the tip of its snout can be used to distinguish individual whales.

[Suffering of the Right Whale]

It is a slow swimmer and its blubber causes it to float on the surface even after it dies; these traits made it an attractive target for whalers, as they could harvest large quantities of oil and whalebone.

As a result, their numbers fell and they have become a protected species, on the brink of extinction in some areas. However, numbers are recovering in other areas, so conservation is having an effect for this species."


Endless Ocean

This can be seen all year round in the Wild Channel area. It swims a figure-eight through the Wild Channel, turning around in the wider sections at either end.

Endless Ocean 2

This can be found in Ciceros Strait around the Triton Village Ruins and South Canyon. It doesn't appear until a cutscene is triggered. It also swims outside of Valka Castle, singing the Song of Dragons at one point in the story, trapping you and Oceana in the King's Chamber.


  • In Endless Ocean 2, this whale is only found during the daytime.
  • Hayako believes that the mysterious Singing Dragon whales may be a relative of either this whale or the Humpback Whale. It is eventually decided that neither suggestion is true and the Singing Dragon is, in fact, a brand-new species of whale.


  • Unlike Southern Right Whales found in southern hemisphere, both North Atlantic and North Pacific Right Whales have been regarded as some of the most endangered whales in the world; observing living one is extremely rare as single sightings of eastern populations of both right whales trigger scientific papers.


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