Nomura's Jellyfish is a large jellyfish seen in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"It has an enormous umbrella, which is soft as it is mostly made up of liquid. Hanging beneath the umbrella are countless organs known as oral arms as well as thread-like appendages which can be up to 5m long. It moves by riding ocean currents, which sometimes leads to swarms of jellyfish.

[Jellyfish House]

Sometimes, a 3cm prawn known as a medusa shrimp will live inside the Nomura's jellyfish. In exchange for protecting the prawn from predators with its tentacles, the jellyfish has its body surface cleaned of any organic matter sticking to it, which provides food for the prawn. This is the basis of their symbiotic relationship. It seems that more than one hundred prawns can live in a symbiotic relationship with a single jellyfish."


Endless Ocean

A large group of Nomura's Jellyfish is found floating above Central Hall in the ruins of Mo'ia Atoll, but only in the nighttime.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

A single jelly can be seen in the Pillars of Light in the Cavern of the Gods.


These creatures float slowly and aimlessly around, either in a large group or by themselves. They like to be fed and stroked.


  • A large group of jellyfish is often known as a "bloom". Thus, the large group of Nomura's Jellyfish above the Central Hall is a bloom of them.


  • The jellyfish in the first game
  • The enormous size of this jellyfish