Nancy Young is a businesswoman in the Pelago Commonwealth. She sells diving equipment and delivers to scattered private islands. She can appraise items, giving you a large sum of money (or a little) for items salvaged. She can also give you haircuts.

Buying Items

  • Diving Equipment: Nancy sells you new diving suits and swimsuits. She can also give you upgrades to your items.
  • Island and Reef: She can sell you different items that you can place on Nineball Island. She can sell you different coral to place on your Private Reef.
  • Other: She can give you other random things that might help in the game.

Appraising Items

For a small price, Nancy can tell you what a salvaged item really is. Some can give you a lot of money, some items barely give any money. After appraising items, your Salvage Level might increase.


Black and grey life vest over pink and black midriff baring waterproof shirt. Short pink shorts and flip flops. Yellow cowboy hat with green ribbon.