Magu Tapa is a large Great White Shark, and one of only two legendary creatures in Endless Ocean. It haunts Ship's Rest at night.

Magu Tapa was replaced by Thanatos in Endless Ocean: Blue World, another great white shark, also named after a god of violence and death, but in Greek mythology.

In-Game Description

"The legendary great white shark with a giant body and a length of over 7m (25 feets). Its name is that of the god of violence and death that features in myths told around the islands of Paoul.

Innumerable scars cover its body as the result of numerous vicious battles. It bears a wound made by either a harpoon or a spear, but there's no telling how old it is. It's probably a good idea to avoid giving it a reason to attack.

According to the Paoul myth, he was the youngest of six sons of the goddess White Mother and a great leader who brought unity to the many soldiers of the land. Unfortunately, he ignored his people due to greed and was banished by the head god to the stagnant ocean. Tsi Matah Wengah, an unruly god, was entrusted with ensuring that the violent god of death didn't escape."


Endless Ocean

Magu Tapa patrols Ship's Rest (Ocean's Graveyard) at night.


Magu Tapa swims a set loop around Ship's Rest. It reacts aggressively when poked and will lash out and attempt to bite the player, although it does not inflict any harm or damage.

How to unlock it

  • Get an email from Douglas called Ghost Ship
  • Uncover 60% of the main map by exploring and have entered the Great Aqua Caves for the first time.
  • Find all the parts of the Pirate's Compass.
  • Find the Shark's Tooth Necklace.
  • Once the player has found the Shark's Tooth Necklace, and unlocked the Ocean's Graveyard (Ship's Rest), they dive in Ocean's Graveyard (Ship's Rest) at night.
  • Swim around enough and the player should get a cutscene. Co-ordinates are (H3(0,5),28.5m,93ft)


  • Some people say that the Magu Tapa is based on Submarine, a 30 foot shark that lives off the coast of South Africa.
  • This vicious creature is one of very few creatures particular to the first Endless Ocean, although some would argue that he is "reincarnated" as Thanatos, who is also a vicious, black, and bulky great white shark. They do have similarities: They both swim around wrecks, are covered in scars, are said to be the embodiment of destructive gods, and are renowned for being exceptionally aggressive.


Endless Ocean - Magu Tapa

Endless Ocean - Magu Tapa


  • The Shark Tooth Necklace, one of the keys to find Magu Tapa.

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