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The term "legendary creatures" refers to creatures from the Endless Ocean series that significantly differ from other members of their species in terms of traits such as color, size, or scars. It can also refer to creatures that are mostly unknown, unique to the games, or even from another era of time.

These creatures lack specific measurements or scientific names (barring the occasional estimate from a character), these being replaced by a series of question marks (see right). They are also the only category in the game's encyclopedia in which all of its members have unlockable trivia.

In Endless Ocean, there are only two legendaries, one mandatory to find, and the other optional. By contrast, Endless Ocean 2 features a total of twenty-six (listed below). While eight of them can be encountered during the story campaign, only three actually play a role in the plot. The remaining eighteen are all locked behind Notebook Quests and/or Special Requests, with ten of which being locked behind simply beating a story chapter or the story as a whole.

Legendaries cannot be placed in the Aquarium (Blue World only), will disappear during Guided Tours, will never appear in the Private Reef, and (outside of a select few instances) will never need to be pulsed. Exclusively in Blue World, discovering all but two legendary creatures will net the player a new title per specimen, with an extra title being earned upon discovering all twenty-six.

Endless Ocean

Ancient Mother

A massive baleen whale, greatly resembling a blue whale, but said to be a new species; found at the end of the game’s main plot. Seen at the Great Drop-Off, but only during four different months out of the year.

Ancient Mother EO1.png

Magu Tapa

A giant great white shark that appears in Ship's Rest all year round and only at night, after the player retrieves the Shark's Tooth Necklace from Comb Reef.

Magu Tapa 1.png

Endless Ocean 2

Ice Cupid

A large sea angel with unique blue internal organs found under a zoom-mode glow spot in the North Coast of Canada at day and night, at coordinates B-2SW, and at any point. Discovering the Ice Cupid unlocks the "Charming Arrow" title.

Ice Cupid.png

Ailouros Pearl

A gleaming white red-streaked box crab with black markings found under a zoom-mode glow spot in Valka Castle at day and night, at coordinates B-3NE, and at any point. Discovering the Ailouros Pearl unlocks the "Lucky Streak" title.

Ailouros Pearl.png

Grave Keeper

A monstrous giant isopod with unique colors found within one of the Twin Caves in the Zahhab Region Depths at day and night, at coordinates C-4NW, during the Special Request entitled "The Grave Keeper". Discovering the Grave Keeper unlocks the "Grave Guardian" title.

Grave Keeper.png


A vibrant and exceptionally fast Indo-Pacific sailfish found in northeastern Ciceros Strait at day, at coordinates G-1 to H-1, and at any point. Discovering Gungnir unlocks the "Norse Viking" title.



A jet-black manta ray with odd white markings found in Valka Castle at night, at coordinates B-2SE to D-3SW during the Special Request entitled "Ghost of Valka Castle". Discovering Phantom unlocks the "Cyclades Phantasm" title.



A golden ocean sunfish found swimming around the Mouth of Truth at Deep Hole at night, at coordinates B-3NW, and at any point. Discovering Apollo unlocks the "Sun Dancer" title.


Lady Dorthea / Divine Gift

A large red great sturgeon found patrolling northern Ciceros Strait at day, at coordinates C-1 to E-1, and at any point. Discovering Lady Dorthea unlocks the "Caviar Vessel" title.

Lady Dorthea.png

Golden Catfish

A golden piraiba catfish found irregularly at Spirit Falls in the Cortica River Upstream at day and night, at coordinates B-3NW, during the Special Request entitled "Gold Eater". Discovering the Golden Catfish unlocks the "Diamond Digger" title.

Golden Catfish.png

Pelago Crocodile / Paoul Crocodile

A huge crocodile once thought extinct found in Gatama Atoll at day, at coordinates H-8 (on land), during the Special Request entitled "Mysterious Object". Discovering the Pelago Crocodile unlocks the "Dragon Tracker" title.

Pelago Crocodile.png

King Gigide

A white spectacled caiman found inside the Twilight Temple at day, at coordinates C-1SW to D-2NE, during the Special Request entitled "King Gigide". Discovering King Gigide unlocks the "Royal Discoverer" title.

King Gigide.png

Mama Cortica

An abnormally large Amazonian manatee seen in Queen's Lake at day whenever it is raining, at coordinates A-4NE, during the Special Request entitled "Mother of the Cortica". Discovering Mama Cortica unlocks the "Local Legend" title.

R4e 03021.jpg

Leo / Arthur

A large, battle-scarred leopard seal found in the Iceberg Cavern at day and night, at coordinates B-2SE, and at any point. Discovering Leo unlocks the "Light Panther" title.


Snowball / Snowy

An albino rockhopper penguin found in the Weddell Sea at day and night during snowstorms, at coordinates A-4NW, during the Special Request entitled "Research Subject". Discovering Snowball unlocks the "Penguin Maniac" title.


Big Bobby

A man-sized emperor penguin found in the Weddell Sea at day and night, at coordinates A-4NW, during the Help Me! quest. Discovering Big Bobby unlocks the "Elegant Tuxedo" title.

Big Bobby.png

Kraken Jr.

A juvenile giant squid found in the Altar of Isis within the Cavern of the Gods at day and night, at coordinates A-3SE to B-3SE, after the Cavern has been re-opened. Discovering Kraken Jr. unlocks the "Clay Horror" title.

Kraken Jr.png

Living Fossil / Emperor

A large, chalky-white coelacanth found in the Pillars of Shadow within the Cavern of the Gods at day and night, at coordinates B-2SW, after the Cavern has been re-opened. Discovering the Living Fossil unlocks the "Living Fossil" title.


Cacao Maharaja

A colossal leatherback turtle found in north-central Gatama Atoll at day, at coordinates E-4 to D-5, during the Special Request entitled "Floating Island". Discovering Cacao Maharaja unlocks the "Turtle Hero" title.

Cacao Maharaja.png


A huge, jet-black great white shark found in southeastern Ciceros Strait at day and night, at coordinates H-6 to H-7, after encountering him during the main story. Discovering Thanatos unlocks the "Lone Shark" title.


Black Harbinger

A jet-black humpback whale found in Spring Garden within Gatama Atoll at day and night, at coordinates C-6 to D-7, during a "Spring Tide" event - an event that occurs only on the morning or night of a new moon. Discovering the Black Harbinger unlocks the "Monster Chaser" title.

Black Harbinger.png


An albino sperm whale found in the Super Drop-Off within the Zahhab Region at day, at coordinates F-4 to F-7, at any time. Discovering Leviathan unlocks the "Fanatical Captain" title.


Ancient Mother / White Mother

Returning from the original Endless Ocean, the Ancient Mother can be found in the North Coast of Canada at day and night, swimming around the majority of the map, during the Special Request entitled "Ancient Mother". Discovering the Ancient Mother unlocks the "Amazing Sleuth" title.

White Mother 2.png

Singing Dragon

An unknown species of baleen whale seen at the end of game’s main plot, found in the Pillars of Light within the Cavern of the Gods during the day only.

Singing Dragon.png

Okeanos's Guardian

An enormous, grotesque creature, thought to be a goblin shark that was selectively bred by the Okeanides to guard the Pacifica Treasure. It attacks the player as they attempt to unlock the Treasure Room, and afterward is found in the Pillars of Shadow at night.

Okeanos's Guardian.png


A prehistoric arthropod thought to be long extinct, seen swimming outside of the Underwater Gallery by day, where it cannot be focused on. It can be discovered after completing the Solar System coin quest.



A prehistoric orthocone (otherwise known as a "straight-shelled nautiloid"), seen lurking in the outer reaches of the Open Sea in the Zahhab Region, where it cannot be focused on. It can be discovered after completing the Signs of the Zodiac coin quest.


Sea Serpent

A late-surviving plesiosaur, seen patrolling deeper waters outside of Ciceros Strait, south of the South Canyon where it cannot be focused on. It can be discovered after completing the Young Entrepreneur quest.

Sea serpent.png


  • No legendaries can be placed in the Aquarium with the exception of the Ancient Mother, who can be placed in the Aquarium once the player has completed the full Marine Encyclopedia.
  • Criticism has plagued the legendary creatures for a long time, mainly due to players believing that the addition of such unusual and unique creatures detracts from the overall realistic feeling and simulation of the games. Others believe it is a good method of explaining albinism and other unique traits found in the natural world, as well as adding another element of discovery and exploration to a game filled with both those traits as well as some fantasy traits.
    • Another piece of criticism is the ability to place the Ancient Mother in the Aquarium once the entire Marine Encyclopedia has been completed in Endless Ocean 2, as a creature of such prominence and status should not be restrained to an aquarium. However, one could regard this as a choice added by developers to include the Ancient Mother because of that very prominence; as a major element of Endless Ocean and side-quest feature in Endless Ocean 2, it could be considered a feature for players of the original game who enjoy her as a creature to behold.
  • Ironically, even though several legendary creatures have their trivia locked behind the player taking photos of them, they are never the subject of Photo Requests.
  • The "Coral Reef Life" and "Small Marine Life" sections are the only parts of the Marine Encyclopedia to not be represented by any legendary creatures.
    • The "Large Marine Life" and "Dolphins and Whales" sections are also tied for the most representation among legendaries.