The Largehead Hairtail is a large fish notable for its lack of scales and strange swimming mannerisms.

In-Game Description

"Its long, sleek, silver body resembles a sword. It has no scales and is covered in a silvery substance called guanine. Guanine is used in nail polish and imitation pearls.

[Strange Way of Swimming]

The largehead hairtail lives in schools on the deep ocean floor. It swims with its head raised and body angled vertically, waiting for prey to pass overhead.

At full speed it swims with its body at a horizontal angle, and young fish swim with their heads lowered and bodies angled downwards."


Endless Ocean

Schools of Largehead Hairtails can be commonly found around Deep Valley. There is also a large schoool of them at coordinates E-7 NE.

Endless Ocean 2

Schools of these fish can be seen mostly in Valka Castle, but only during the daytime. At night, a school can be seen floating around the Well of the Full Moon in Ciceros Strait's Triton Village Ruins.


These fish float around slowly, in large, loose groups. Sometimes, they exhibit the behavior noted in their Endless Ocean 2 trivia information and swim with their head pointed upwards.


  • These fish have very long and sharp teeth, something that is not noted in their in-game model or description. Despite this, they pose no threat to the player.
  • These fish are actually a common market fish in Eastern Asia, as well as in Pakistan. They are eaten either grilled or fried, as well as sometimes being eaten raw as sashimi.