Lady Dorthea (Divine Gift in European releases) is a legendary creature, a large bright-red Great Sturgeon, that can only be found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This perfect sturgeon from Ciceros Strait has the ideal combination of characteristics for its species. There is a story of a Roman emperor who ate caviar from such a Ciceros sturgeon and declared that it was food sent from the gods.

This story gave these fabulous sturgeon, found only once every hundred years, their name.

[The Cost of Caviar]

Caviar, the eggs of the sturgeon, is considered a delicacy the world over. It takes 10 - 20 years for a sturgeon to mature into an egg-laying fish, and this combined with overfishing has caused prices to soar.

Regular caviar is expensive, but caviar from Lady Dorthea can easily be ten times more expensive."


Endless Ocean 2

Lady Dorthea can be found swimming just above the seafloor in the deep areas of northwest Ciceros Strait.


She swims aimlessly around the wrecks of the Flamingo and Pride of Athens.


  • Divers must take extra caution when searching for her, as groups of Great White Sharks inhabit several of the areas she swims through.
  • Lady Dorthea is one of the few legendary creatures to be seen around normal creatures of the same species, this species being the Great Sturgeon. Others include Gungnir, Thanatos, and the Living Fossil.
  • She is greenish in game, but appears as red in the encyclopedia.


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