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Lady Dorthea (known in the PAL version as the Divine Gift) is a legendary sturgeon, only found in Endless Ocean 2. She is larger than usual and colored a bright reddish gold, although she appears to be a duller reddish-brown when viewed underwater.

The title "Caviar Vessel" is obtained upon discovering her.

Encyclopedia Description

Endless Ocean 2

"Ciceros Strait has the ideal combination of characteristics for its species."

"There's a story of a Roman emperor who ate caviar from such a Ciceros sturgeon and declared that it was food sent from the gods. In fact, he considered it so precious that he ordered the protection of all sturgeons from that day forward."

[ The Cost of Caviar ]

"Caviar, the eggs of the sturgeon, is considered a delicacy the world over. It takes 10-20 years for a sturgeon to mature into an egg-laying fish, and this, combined with the unfortunate demand for caviar, makes them particularly vulnerable to exploitation and other threats."


Endless Ocean 2

Lady Dorthea can be found swimming just above the seafloor in the deep areas of northwest Ciceros Strait, but only during the day.

How to Find It
Lady Dorthea is one of the few legendaries who can be found anytime with no prerequisites. If the player focuses on her for the first time, after encountering her in her habitat, Jean-Eric says:

"Can you hear me? It's Jean-Eric.

Amazing! It's the legendary Lady Dorthea!

I've never seen her before.

Caviar of the finest quality can be obtained from a sturgeon of this size.

Not that I'd ever support killing such a magnificent creature just to harvest a so-called delicacy.

People would pay a lot of money for a fish like this, but to me she's priceless."

The player then earn the title "Cavier Vessel", and the discussion ends, letting the player interact with the sturgeon.


Lady Dorthea can be found swimming from C-1 to E-1 without much aim, drifting very close to the seafloor between the wrecks of the Flamingo and Pride of Athens. Her trivia can be unlocked by taking a picture of her.


  • This is one of Jean-Eric's favorite creatures.
  • When "modded" into an area such as Gatama Atoll, Lady Dorthea shows an encyclopedia-like coloration.
  • Lady Dorthea is one of only seven legendary creatures who can be found during the player's first visit to their landmark of residence, the others being the Ailouros Pearl, Gungnir, the Ice Cupid, the Leviathan, Okeanos's Guardian, and the Singing Dragon.
    • Alongside Gungnir, she is also one of only two of Ciceros Strait's legendaries who can be encountered with no prerequisites.
  • Given the fact that Gungnir can also be found in the North Canyon of Ciceros Strait, Lady Dorthea is one of only seven legendary creatures in the game to share its landmark of residence with another legendary, the others being the Anomalocaris, Gungnir, the Living Fossil, Okeanos's Guardian, the Sea Serpent, and Thanatos.
  • Lady Dorthea is one of seven benign legendary creatures whose home is often patrolled by dangerous creatures, the others being the Ailouros Pearl, the Anomalocaris, Apollo, the Ancient Mother, the Grave Keeper, the Ice Cupid, and the Living Fossil. In Lady Dorthea's case, groups of great white sharks inhabit several of the areas she swims through.
  • Lady Dorthea is the only legendary creature in the series to be closely related to an existing species in the game, while also not having her own species confirmed outright. Everyone else is explicitly confirmed to either be a member of a species found in the Marine Encyclopedia, or their own species entirely.