The L&L Diving Service is a diving company in Endless Ocean 2 that offers many different services, including diving tours, salvage requests, marine photography, marine cartography, and dolphin shows, as well as scientific research and archaeological exploration. Each member has their own specialty with the exception of the player character, who is a sort of jack-of-all-trades. Their home office is based on Nineball Island. The player originally joins the company to research the Song of Dragons, which had been a previous subject of research within the company before one co-founder's death associated with the Song, driving the rest of the company to steer away from the subject (until the player character's involvement).

Each member and their specialty is listed below.



  • The name of the company comes from the fact that Matthias and Jean-Eric, who have the same last name, are the co-founders of the company.
    • In the European release of Endless Ocean 2 (in which their last names are Rouvier), the name of the company is R&R Diving Service.