The Kidako Moray is a small brown eel.

In-Game Description

"This carnivorous fish has a long, slender body and a large mouth full of sharp teeth. It lives in crevices in coral and other reefs, and it will attack if it is approached carelessly.

However, when it expels parasites or leftover food it opens its mouth and allows tiny prawns to clean it. It waits patiently with its mouth open for the cleaning to finish. It's rather sweet.


The young, known as leptocephalus, are pale, ribbon-shaped and very buoyant, and travel long distances on the ocean currents.

Other species of eel have a similar period of development, but there are still many unknowns about this stage."


Endless Ocean

These live in the coral walls of the Rock Bluff. One can be found in a wall under the archway just slightly to the east of the center of G4, at a depth of about 78.3 feet.

Endless Ocean 2

This is seen in Ciceros Strait, in the chimneys of the various shipwrecks.


These are solitary creatures. They blend in really well with the coral walls and wood of the shipwreck, and may be hard to see.