The Japanese Bullhead Shark is a somewhat-small species of shark found in rocky areas.

In-Game Description

"This shark has a large head and distinctive ridges above its eyes that look like cat ears or cow horns. It lies still in reef crevices or on the seafloor during the day then sets out to look for food at night. It preys mainly on molluscs and crustaceans, using its gigantic teeth to crush and eat them.

[Mysterious Objects]

Spiral clumps of a strange black material about 15cm long are sometimes found on the seafloor. These are the eggs of the Japanese bullhead shark. They are worth seeing as they have such a unique shape that the first people to find them could not believe they were eggs. There is a reason for this spiral shape: it makes it easy for the eggs to be snagged in rocks or embedded in sand and more difficult for it to be carried away by the currents."

Japanese Bullhead Shark Egg

The Japanese Bull Head Shark's distinctive, spiral-shaped egg.


Endless Ocean

Adults can be seen all year round in the Rock Land area.

Endless Ocean 2

Adults can be seen at the Deep Hole, swimming around the sandy areas of the Coliseum. Their young and eggs can be observed under several of the zoom-mode patches in the same area.


The adults swim about in slow circles on the sand, and respond positively to food and being petted. The juveniles act the same way, but confined to their resident zoom-mode glows, and the eggs sit there and do nothing (as eggs have a tendency to do).