The Ice Cupid is a legendary sea angel, larger than usual and colored blue, that can only be found in Endless Ocean: Blue World. The title "Charming Arrow" can be obtained by discovering it.

In-Game Description

"For several years now, there has been a rumor amongst certain Canadian preservation groups whose activities focus on the Arctic Sea. They tell of a creature called the Ice Cupid, and say that anyone who sees it will find true love... This giant sea angel might just be what inspired this story."

[Origins of the Ice Cupid Story]

"According to stories handed down among a number of Arctic tribes, one child of the gods was a hunter who ruled over love and marriage.

Perhaps the story of the Ice Cupid originates from tales such as these."


The Ice Cupid is found in the waters of the North Coast of Canada, living under a zoom-mode spot directly inside of the ice hole located at coordinates B-2. The only requirement necessary to find it is that the player have Oceana with them; this is because she makes the zoom-mode spot in question visible.


The Ice Cupid swims around slowly under its zoom-mode glow, sharing the space with several normal sea angels. It likes being fed and being in pictures, and the player can obtain its in-game trivia by taking a picture of it.


  • This legendary creature is named after Cupid, the Roman god of desire, affection, and attraction. This is because of the legends surrounding the creature's supposed magical power to grant everlasting love.
  • Using a regular sea angel as a scale, one can find the rough size of Ice Cupid in solid measurements. A sea angel is 3cm, or 1.18 inches, long, and 90px tall when seen in-game. The Ice Cupid is roughly 239px tall. 239 div. 90 (height of sea angel in pixels) is roughly equivalent to ~2.66, which, multiplied by 3 (height of Sea Angel in cm), is roughly equivalent to ~7.98cm, or ~3.14in.
    • Interestingly, this means that the Ice Cupid is almost exactly pi long in inches. Pi, or π, is a famous mathematical constant defined as "the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter".
  • Jean-Eric has two different sets of dialogue that he says when the player discovers the Ice Cupid; factually, both are the same, but the gender of the player determines the comment Jean-Eric makes at the end of his description of the Cupid:
    • If the player is a male, Jean-Eric will note that the player seems to spend a lot of time with Oceana, and hints at the possibility of Oceana holding some feelings for them.
    • If the player is a female, Jean-Eric will simply wish well for the player in their future love endeavors.
  • The Ice Cupid is one of only two legendary creatures to be found under a zoom-mode spot, the other being the Ailouros Pearl. It is also one of two legendary creatures in the North Coast of Canada area; the Ancient Mother occupies the other spot.



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