Hayako Sakurai is a brilliant Japanese scientist and one of the main characters in Endless Ocean 2.

She enjoys celebrity gossip.

In-game description

"Hayako comes from a well-known family in Kyoto, and her ferocious intellect has allowed her to earn PhDs in such disparate fields as mechanical engineering, ecology, marine veterinary science, and archaeology, even though she is only in her early 30s. Like many geniuses, she tends to jump from one topic to another and can be a little too candid, which tends to make others a bit uncomfortable. She also loves celebrity gossip."


Hayako is a highly educated oceanographer. She is a genius, having PhD's in archaeology, marine biology, and countless more, and she became the professor of the Aquarium at the young age of thirty. She has light skin and black long hair. She knows all about most known marine life. She is also an experienced diver, and even knows many ancient languages, which proves useful in finding the Pacifica Treasure.

She befriends GG, Oceana and Jean-Eric Louvier during the story, and develops a strong friendship with the player character. She advises him or her with their dolphin training, assessing the dolphin partners to monitor their progress. Passing her assessments allow the player to teach his or her dolphins more advanced tricks.

According to Jean-Eric, Hayako eats a lot. While dolphin training, Hayako sits on the deck with GG and eats what seems to be a bag of potato chips. 

Diving Abilities

Hayako will let you find any creature in zoomed in map range. The name of the creature is shown and any place the creature is located will be represented by a small red dot. Any creature that is not registered in the encyclopedia will be named ???. You cannot find creatures in zoom mode. She can also let you see any scenes that you have 

Hayako Sakurai

Hayako seated at her usual place on Nineball Island.

unlocked in the area.


On Nineball Island and in Aquarium: Olive green blouse with white unmarked lab coat and khakis. Outfit includes green converse shoes. Long black wavy hair and glasses.

In Water: White diving suit with green accents.