Green Garden is an isolated area in northern Manoa Lai, aptly named for its high abundance of kelp that can be found in Endless Ocean.

Email Description

Dangerous Beauty!

Seawater and freshwater mix in this cove, which can only be reached by braving a thick bed of kelp. Divers can easily be caught in this plant life, so please exercise caution here!

Back in Brack!

This is the perfect location to view a thriving brackish-water ecosystem. The vegetation and creatures here are tempting targets for larger marine animals like seals and sea lions.

Flora, Fauna, and Geography

Local Life

Bigfin Reef Squids and a few Great Barracudas can be found here at night. The corridor leading here is filled with tall kelp stalks and colorful coral, along with small fish, like Yellow Tang and Longnose Butterflyfish. Weedy and Leafy Seadragons can be found hiding in the luscious green fronds. Within the garden, Bearded Seals make their home, along with Dwarf Sawfish and a single Giant Clam in the center.

Location and Geography

On the player's map, Green Garden is marked at coordinates F-1. Just to the south of the entrance to Green Garden, the small, unmarked landmark known as Malalapa Hollow lies. To the southwest, the Great Drop-Off can be found.

Green Garden is reportedly quite dangerous, as the forest of kelp can apparently tangle divers to such an extreme that people (Including, supposedly, Patrick Sunday) have been lost here. Late in the storyline, the player nearly meets this fate when they get tangled in some kelp and are unable to swim to the surface - however, their dolphin partners can easily be called using the Sea Whistle, and the dolphins gnaw away at the kelp tangle to help the player avoid a watery death.

In the main storyline of Endless Ocean, Patrick's Pocket Watch is found here after progressing the vast majority of the way through.


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