Not to be confused with the Magu Tapa or Thanatos.

The Great White Shark is a species of shark, said to be the most dangerous.

In-Game Description

"It feeds on large fish and marine mammals, and its sharp teeth with serrated edges can easily bite through the flesh of its prey.

This is a dangerous animal that sometimes attacks humans, but it does not target them specifically; any attacks are likely to be a case of mistaken identity."


Endless Ocean

This can be seen during the autumn and winter in the Rock Bluff area, but only at night.

This can be also seen in the Ship's Rest at all times of the day, although they are more common at night.

They accompany their larger cousin, Magu Tapa.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in Ciceros Strait swimming around the Wreck of the Flamingo (daytime only), the Wreck of the Pride of Athens (night only) and with the Megalodon-like counterpart Thanatos around the Wreck of the Emerald Lady (day and night).


Usually solitary, sometimes in loose groups. However, In Endless Ocean 2, they are harmful.


  • This shark, although very large in life (roughly 25 feet) is actually rather small in these games, measuring only just a bit bigger than a beluga or Risso's Dolphin. This may have been done to subvert player expectations and lessen the great sensationalism surrounding the species, bringing other predatory sharks into the limelight - for example, the Tiger Shark is bigger than the Great White in the games. This is compensated by the inclusion of Magu Tapa and Thanatos, enormous man-eating legendary Great Whites that attack the player, for each respective game.