The Grave Keeper is a legendary deep-sea animal. It is an enormous Giant Isopod with a slightly different coloration. It can only be found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This oversized giant isopod is the size of a young child. Living in the depths of the crevasse off the carcasses of whales or fish and generally cleaning up the seabed, his size makes him king of the scavengers.

As he tends to the dead in the dark depths he is aptly named."

Giant Centipedes

Giant isopods grow to 50cm and are the largest members of the order isopoda, which includes pill bugs.

The arthropleura, a kind of giant centipede and also a member of this family, roamed the land about 300 million years ago and grew over two metres long. Their growth may have been the result of higher oxygen concentrations at that time.

This is particularly interesting as the giant isopod lives at the bottom of the sea where there is little oxygen.


Endless Ocean 2

Zahhab Region Depths, C-4NW, in the southern cave of the twin caves.


It moves around slowly. You can get its trivia by feeding it.

How to find it

Take Oceane to the cave with the Giant Isopods in it and the player will hear a thumping noise in the other cave.

Then go to the other cave and hold out food. A large, blue Giant Isopod called the Grave Keeper will come out of the ground and from there on out, the player will find him there.


Let's Play EO2 AotD - Part 49d The Grave Keeper

Let's Play EO2 AotD - Part 49d The Grave Keeper

FInding the Grave Keeper (skip to 02:01)

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