The Glass Squid is a small squid found in deep waters.

In-Game Description

"A barrel-shaped squid whose rough surface is covered with star-shaped protuberances.

It has fourteen luminous spots around its large eyes, which are actually organs called photophores.

[What's Inside?]

This species keeps a special fluid, lighter than salt water, in its rounded body to aid buoyancy.

It makes up more than 60% of its body weight!"


Endless Ocean

These can be found in the Abyss under glows on the seafloor, often close to the whale skeleton in the Graveyard.

Endless Ocean 2

It is found in the Zahhab Region Depths, once again, only under glows. It is advised to bring Oceana with you, as she can spot small creatures and will help you find zoom-mode patches that may be hiding small groups of these squid.


These are usually found in groups of two or more. They are not visibly bio-luminescent in-game (like their cousins, the Firefly Squid), and so poking them does not garner a visual response. They respond positively to being given food.