The Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux) is the second largest non-colonial invertebrate and the second largest cephalopod in the world. Individuals typically grow to 40 feet, but can grow as long as 60.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"Its abdominal region is spindle-shaped with comparatively small fins and a length of 18m. Its body is brown tinged with red and there are ten long tentacles at the front of the abdominal region. Can be seen in deep, dark areas of the ocean all year round."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"There are eight long arms and another two massively long tentacles, over 10m long, hanging from its enormous body. With eyes reaching 50cm in diameter, it also boasts the biggest eyes of any living creature.

It contains a lot of ammonium chloride, so it does not taste very nice."

"[Greatest size]

Although not officially recorded, there have been reports of a 27m long giant squid. The marks of enormous suction pads have also been found on sperm whales, which eat giant squid. This suggests that there may be giant squid bigger than those officially documented. The credibility of old reports is low, and as the.suction marks on whales increase in size as the whale grows it is not yet clear how large giant squid can grow."


Endless Ocean

Can be seen in the Abyss all year round, but only comes out at night. The first time the players encounter it, it should be at a depth of around 105m in the map locations F5 to H5, but after that it swims around the Abyss on it's own accord.

Endless Ocean 2

This is seen in the North Crevasse area.

It is first seen in the main quest, where it guards the wreckage of HD-9, a submarine that contains a quest item. The only way to move the Giant Squid is to lure a visiting sperm whale to the squid, causing the pair to engage in their legendary fight and for the diver to pass at his/her leisure.


It swims around in a leisurely fashion, but despite its giant tentacles and attacks in the past, it is not dangerous in Endless Ocean 2. Its trivia is obtained by photographing it.



deep sea battle

  • It swims near the sperm whale in the first game
  • It waves its tentacles when prodded