The Gentoo Penguin is a small species of penguin, identifiable by the distinctive white patches above or around its eyes.

In-Game Description

"It has white feathers running across the top of its head, connecting its eyes.

In order to protect eggs and chicks from meltwater, nests are fairly high up and comprise of piles of pebbles. If an enemy approaches while the egg is being warmed, the penguin will stick out its neck, point its beak towards the rival and cry out to drive them away.

They sometimes approach the opponent and attack them.

[Born in the South?]

The 'papua' in the scientific name is a reference to Papua New Guinea. However, this was actually a naming mistake as this species does not inhabit Papua New Guinea."


Endless Ocean

In the first game, Gentoo Penguins sometimes appear on the player's boat, the Gabbiano, in groups of two or three.

Endless Ocean 2

Small groups of the penguins are seen swimming through the water in the Weddell Sea, around the coordinates A-4SW, C-4SE and D-4SW. At coordinates D-4SE, they can be found on land, but only during snowstorms and the weather that precedes a snowstorm.


These flightless birds swim about at very high speeds, pursuing small fish. The player can gain their favor in both games by petting them, but in the second game, they seem to prefer being offered food while on land. On land, they meander about slowly among other penguins, and sometimes seals.


  • The Gentoo Penguin is most closely related to the Chinstrap Penguin and the Adelie Penguin.
  • though they are depicted to be chasing after fish in the water in-game, this species' real-life diet actually consists mainly of crustaceans, with fish only making up about 15% of their diet.
  • The Skua, a predatory bird known for inhabiting cold areas, is also known as a frequent predator of Gentoo chicks (as well as the chicks of other penguin species).