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Gatama Atoll is the first playable map in Endless Ocean 2 (not counting the segment of the Zahhab Region from the en medias res intro), and acts as a tutorial for the player to learn most of the game's mechanics. Situated within the Pelago Commonwealth, it is located near Nineball Island (enough to where it can be clearly viewed from there via telescope), and is the only diving area in the game that the characters can access by boat. According to some of the game's dialogue, it is also retroactively implied to be located to the south of the Manoa Lai Sea, the main setting of the previous game.

The Atoll is one of the top tourist attractions of the Pelago Commonwealth, along with Manoa Lai. A large variety of tropical fish can be found here, along with an almost-as-large variety of larger creatures, from the humpback whale to the leatherback turtle.

In-Game Description

Travel Description

"A tropical ocean paradise loved by divers for its colorful coral and fish and more recently by scientists for its unique marine life. With plenty of large and small fish, this is an ideal diving location."

Area Information

“This breathtaking coral reef is situated to the south of the Kush Islands. Gatama means "mother's treasure" in the local language.

Despite the reef's astonishing biodiversity, the area remains mostly unknown to the rest of the world. The atoll is close to Nineball Island and is more or less wave free because of the reef's unique structure.

Its calm waters make Gatama Atoll a great place for divers of all levels to enjoy."

Diving Locations

The locations from which the player can enter the water from the boat in this area include:

  • Atoll Gate (A1)
  • Spring Garden (C5)
  • Deep Hole Entrance (E7)
  • Private Reef Entrance (G5)

Atoll Gate

This little ring in the northwestern corner of Gatama is essentially Blue World's equivalent to the first game's Lagoon. It is a paradise for small, tropical fish like false clown anemonefish, blue tang, and many, many more. Young dusky batfish and sailfin tang can be found in zoom-in spots here, as well as an assortment of larger fish to be found at night. In the southeastern corner of the Atoll Gate is the exit, which leads you to everything else in Gatama Atoll.

A small school of yellow tangs.

Spring Garden

This massive structure in western Gatama is littered with small rock spires covered in fan coral that protrude from the floor. green sea turtles and sailfin tang are common here. A mother humpback whale and her calf are often reported in the area, but are replaced by someone else within the three-day range of a new moon.

Deep Hole Entrance

This southern location/diving spot is located right in the middle of the map, and is a sandy passage leading to the mysterious Deep Hole. A pair of humphead wrasses make their homes in this area.

Private Reef Entrance

This eastern location/diving spot is often nicknamed the "yellow zone" because of the many yellow tang and golden trevallies that live around here. It leads to the Private Reef, and its existence makes Gatama Atoll the only region in the game to have a dive-spot with no story purpose.

Other Locations

Doughnut Reef

This northeastern landmark is made up of a bunch of circular microatolls popping out of the sand. When the tide is low, these stones will emerge from the water, although this is never seen in-game. A small colony of West Indian manatees live around here, and it is also the location of the Hand Mill. A nearby on-shore area is where Snorkel can be found.

Dolphin Island

This small rock pops out of the water between the Atoll Gate and Spring Garden. It is so-called because of the abundance of short-beaked common dolphins around it. The Holy Treasure is buried in the sand near here.

Gatama's Navel

This area is so-called because it is in the "belly-button" area of Gatama Atoll (located at coordinates D-5, in the upper left corner). They say that the legendary Cacao Maharaja swims around near here.

Cake Rock

A steep rock formation located at D-4. California sea lions swim on the southeast side.

Blue Cliff

The drop-off in the southwestern corner of Gatama Atoll. A pod of humpback whales swim about in this area, albeit only during a cutscene.

Silent Cavern

A small cave found carved into Blue Cliff. Initially, the entrance is blocked by a large pile of rocks, but after moving them with the help of a dolphin partner, the Moon Treasure can be found inside.

Cabbage Patch

A grouping of cabbage coral located at F-7. A shoal of broadclub cuttlefish make their homes here, as can one of the two resident leatherback turtles.

Animal Scene Events

  1. Whales rearing their young: Automatically viewed during the game's tutorial, upon the player's first visit to the Spring Garden.
  2. Breaching: Automatically plays upon going ashore at coordinates F-5 for the first time.
  3. Whale pods feeding: Plays upon swimming past Blue Cliff. Can only be viewed after the player has seen the Breaching cutscene.
  4. Dolphin play: Only viewable after Chapter 1 is completed. Automatically plays upon focusing on one of the dolphins at Dolphin Island.


  • When the player dives in this area, the creatures that can appear on the loading screens include yellow and purple tang.
  • Gatama Atoll is one of three main maps in the game where the player does not befriend any dolphin species, the others being the Cortica River Midstream and the Weddell Sea. Though short-beaked common dolphins can be found in the area, the specimen that becomes the player's partner is met at Nineball Island.
  • Gatama Atoll has the largest number of areas where the player can receive a guided tour from Oceana, at a total of four.
  • On this map, there is a minor, currently unsolvable glitch that prevents the player from unlocking the "Dolphin play" cutscene.
  • Out of all the maps that contain more than one legendary creature, Gatama Atoll is the only one whose legendaries are all unlockable via the same method. In this case, all three of its resident legendaries must be glimpsed from Nineball Island before they can be encountered.