R4E 0043
The False Killer Whale with the X-shaped scar can be seen on a False Killer Whale's head in Endless Ocean 2


This False Killer Whale was sadly one of many whales hunted down in Ciceros Strait several years ago. His entire family had died as did every other whale except him.

This whale is now afraid of humans because of his tragic past.

How to Befriend it

During the "Be the Best Trainer" quest, Finley will tell you of this whale and his location.

You go to Valka Castle and eventually find this whale.

You try to show it you mean no harm, but it becomes afraid of you and keeps swimming away. You keep chasing around Valka Castle before stopping in the Mermaid's Ballroom (where the other False Killer Whale swims).

This time, the dolphin does not swim away, but you notice it is critically injured and you heal it with your Pulsar.

After that, the whale overcomes its' fear of you and it becomes your partner.
Endless ocean 2 befriending false killer whale

Endless ocean 2 befriending false killer whale


  • The whale's story and past resembles Harry Potter.