Deep Valley is a large crevasse in central Manoa Lai that leads to the Abyss. It is the area where the player can venture deepest in the first Endless Ocean.

Flora, Fauna, and Geography

Local Life

A Sperm Whale patrols the area in the fall and springtime. Zebra Sharks are seen inhabiting the sandy plains surrounding the Valley. At night, the player can find a small group of Opah swimming just above the dark gash in the landscape. Around the edges of Deep Valley, zoom-mode spots are home to Mauve Stingers, amongst other small creatures.

Location and Geography

On the player's map, Deep Valley can be found at coordinates G-6. If the player is in the water, venturing down into the Valley will take them into the Passage to the Abyss.

Just to the South, the small landmark Between Heaven and Earth can be found. Some distance to the West, the entrance to the Ruins of Mo'ia Atoll lies.