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Throughout Endless Ocean 2, the player can discover 100 mysterious coins hidden within zoom-mode glow spots throughout all areas of the game (except the North Coast of Canada). These coins are each named after constellations or celestial objects, and many refer to traditional Greek mythology and lore. It is generally recommended that the player dive with either Oceana or the bottlenose dolphin partner, as both are adept as finding these coins.

These coins are the central focus of the Voice of the Night Sky quest, where you must find all 100 of these constellation coins to complete it. This quest serves as a large sideplot to the main gameplay of Endless Ocean 2, and can be completed as the player progresses through the story.

The Coins

Coins by location
See key (right) for aide with coordinates.

Coordinates Example.png

Gatama Atoll

Deep Hole

Ciceros Strait

Valka Castle

North Coast of Canada

There are no coins in the North Coast of Canada.

Weddell Sea

Iceberg Cavern

Cortica River Midstream

Cortica River Upstream

Zahhab Region

Zahhab Region Depths

Cavern of the Gods

Coins by Collection order
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