The Commerson's Dolphin is a small species of dolphin that can be found in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"Its bold black-and-white markings make it look like a panda, although newborns are uniformly brown. The species is named after the botanist who first recorded them.

[Full of Life]

It usually lives in small groups, although very large pods are sometimes seen. This particular dolphin loves to jump; six of them were once recorded jumping 65-70 times in just 17 minutes."


Endless Ocean

The Commerson's Dolphin can be seen year-round around the B-7 area of the main ocean. This is at the prominent outcrop of the Great Drop-Off to the southwest of the map.

Endless Ocean 2

A pod of them are in the Pillars of Light in the Cavern of the Gods (C2, C3). The befriendable one (the one with strange markings), after it has been unlocked, can be found in the Treasure Room, north of the Celestial Mausoleum.


These dolphins swim about in medium-sized pods and are very active. They like being petted, and respond positively to the sound from the Sea Whistle. They can be befriended in the first game at any time, but a certain specimen must be unlocked to be befriended in the second game.