The Collection is a key item in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It is a small, golden-coil bound red book with several coins resting on it, and it is used to record salvaged items that the player finds, as well as coins they pick up throughout their adventure; the latter function ties it in to the Voice of the Night Sky quest greatly.

Salvage Collection

The Salvage Collection is a 3x4 grid record of salvages that lists salvaged items, their descriptions, and their appraisal price. Items that have not yet been discovered and appraised by the player are denoted by a question mark.

List of Salvage Categories

While the salvage collection as a whole is ordered page-by-page, each item falls into one of fifteen categories, each of which is based on size (which in itself is based on appraisal price). Each of these fifteen categories are based on what it appears to be when first salvaged; these can be found listed below.

Small Salvage Categories

Medium Salvage Categories

Large Salvage Categories

List of Salvageable Items

Salvages by category
Salvages, sorted by their category. Bold text denotes a unique salvage.

Small Stones

Small Spheres

Small Bottles

Small Books

Small Rings

Small Jars



Small Boxes


Large Barrels

Large Crates

Large Containers

Large Sculptures

Mysterious Chests

Salvages by page
Salvages, sorted by their page. Bold text denotes a unique salvage.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9


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