Type of animal: Actinistia
Species: Latimeria chalumnae
Length: 1.8 m/5 ft 11 in
What it looks like: A fish with flesh-like fins
Location: The Abyss (EO), Cavern of the Gods (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Coelacanth (pronounced: "See-luh-canth") is a very rare deep-sea fish.

In-Game Description

Thought to have existed for more than four hundred million years, this is a truly ancient fish. It has more fins than a normal fish, four pairs of which are uniquely shaped, muscular and covered in scales.

Its flesh is supposed to be oily, watery and almost inedible.

Ancestor to Man

The coelacanth is classed as one of the sarcopterygii, or fleshy-finned fish, which are thought to be ancestors to many animals including humans. These fish have fleshy fins which became arms and legs as they evolved into land animals.


Endless Ocean

Three can be seen in the Unnamed Cave in the Abyss. These only appear at night, when the hydrothermal vents go inactive. In the daytime, their cave is blocked off by said vents spouting hot water.

Endless Ocean 2

A bunch are seen floating in the Pillars of Shadow in the Cavern of the Gods. However, these appear only in the daytime, as at night they are replaced by Okeanos's Guardian and his Goblin Sharks.

As well as the regular Coelacanths, the legendary Living Fossil can be seen in this large shoal.


A real coelacanth


The Coelacanth, having thought to be extinct for millions of years, is supposed to be a very rare fish. However, In Endless Ocean 2, such a large group is seen in the Cavern of the Gods that scientifically aware players thought that this was silly, looking at how rare the Coelacanth is supposed to be in real life. However, suspension of disbelief is recommended, because of three reasons: One, this is a video game, and thus cannot be expected to completely nail realism. Two, the Cavern of the Gods is a strange place on its own, and so large amounts of rare (or otherwise nonexistent) creatures live there, like the Coelacanths and the pod of Commerson's Dolphins (and the Singing Dragons). Three, there is the possibility that the large shoal of Coelacanths was meant to impress upon the players just how out-of-the-ordinary the Cavern of the Gods is.

The amount of Coelacanths seen in one place is much more accurate (though still unlikely) in the first Endless Ocean, where a small group of three is seen. However, even this is unlikely, as Coelacanths are unlikely to be a schooling species of fish.