Blue Cliff in Endless Ocean 2

Blue Cliff is a cliff in Endless Ocean 2's Gatama Atoll, found in the southwestern corner of the map.

In Game Description

"This area is found in the southwestern part of Gatama Atoll, where the seabed drops off sharply and plunges into the depths of the ocean. The cliff wall itself is speckled with a wide range of corals."

Local Life

Many different kinds of fish live in the coral at the edge of this Cliff and the corals that adorn the sides, including small creatures like Starck's Demoiselle, Cherry Groupers and Pygmy Seahorses.

Location and Geography

On the player's map of Gatama Atoll, Blue Cliff is marked at coordinates A-7. To the North, the player can find Spring Garden; to the East, Deep Hole Entrance.

Silent Cavern

At coordinates A-7, at a depth of roughly 20 metres down (About 60 ft), there is a large, protruding boulder. If the player gets a saltwater dolphin partner to help them push the rock, they will open up Silent Cavern, thus completing the quest "When the Stillness is Broken" in their notebook. Inside is a tiny tunnel filled with a shoal of Starck's Demoiselle, and the player will have to use their multisensor to find a treasure at the very back of the cavern.


When the player first comes across Blue Cliff with Oceana, a cutscene will play that shows a pod of Humpback Whales swimming near the Cliff.